ZenPop Japanese Packs

ZenPop delivers big packs of authentic Japanese goods and foods anywhere worldwide.

Every pack from ZenPop is authentically Japanese. All items are picked and packed by our Japanese staff, and each pack includes a variety of items in each category.

  • Sweets/Snacks: 13 or more Japanese snacks including candies, cookies, and crackers.
  • Ramen/Noodles: 9 Japanese cup noodles including Udon(flour noodle), Soba(buckwheat noodle), Ramen, Yakisoba(fried noodle) and more.
  • Beauty: 10 or more items including a few accessories like nail stickers.
  • Stationery: at least 12 different kinds of cute and useful items.

We ship worldwide.

All our ZenPop Packs have the same flat price and come with free shipping to 94 countries in the world. No hidden fees or anything.

Huge variety.

Our Sweets Pack is really big and filled with all sorts of sweet, salty and strange goodies you’ll want to share. Our Ramen Pack has at least 9 full sized bowls. Compared to other Japanese food boxes at this price, the quantity can’t be beat.

Stationery and Beauty Packs.

Cute Japanese stuff is great. But cute Japanese stuff that you can actually use in your everyday life is even better! Japan’s reputation for high quality goods will be apparent when you order these unique offerings from ZenPop.

Based in Japan.

ZenPop is run by a multicultural team of people based in Osaka, Japan. Our Japanese staff help find unique and limited Japanese goods for our packs. We know you want stuff that is hard to find outside Japan so that’s what we get. Ordering from ZenPop is the easiest way to get your hands on authentic Japanese goods.

ZenPop is a service brought to you by ZenMarket LLC. ZenMarket is a Japanese online shopping and proxy service that has been serving thousands of customers since 2014. Based in Osaka, Japan, ZenMarket has earned a reputation as a reliable, customer focused company. Please visit ZenMarket to learn more about the company and read real customer reviews.

Price and Shipping Locations
$29.50, Free Worldwide Shipping
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