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Sends mostly seasonal goodies with a heavy emphasis on items sourced only from Japan. Around a pound in each box. Each box also contains info cards and special cultural aspects of their location in Japan, including festival information and hard to find snacks.

What exactly is Taste Japan?

Taste Japan is exactly that – a service which allows people all over the world taste a little bit of Japan – every month! We are a subscription service that send out a box of Japanese goodies once a month.

Why should i choose Taste Japan?

Sure, you can buy individual Japanese snacks and products from the likes of ebay, yahoo or import stores, but we feel our service goes above and beyond simply buying Japanese snacks. Every month you’ll get a lovingly packed box full of Japanese treats along with instructions, trivia, quiz’s, and competitions. We’ll go out of our way to find unique products that you would normally likely not even have heard of.

What exactly will i get if i sign up?

You will get a box full of mouthwatering products exclusive to Japan every month. Basically, we try to fit whatever we can into the box. We anticipate that on average, the weight of the treats would be from 400 – 650g per month.

Price and Shipping Locations
£15 Per Month (~25$ USD) - Ships Worldwide
Taste Japan Box.png 3 years ago
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