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Box from Japan is a new offering that features both English and Spanish on its website. It offers a classic candy subscription, as well as a ramen noodle subscription, with more options looming in the future.


Japanese candies are unique in many things. Packaging design, colors, textures, materials used to wrap these candies are worthy of being nominated “good design”.

The shapes and textures candies are the most varied, also its flavors, you can find classic flavors of lemon, strawberry, but there is also more eccentric flavors and flavor Milanese or seaweed.

But the most interesting is the variety of candies that are out here. Our mission is to try all of them, so every month we will strive to select a variety of them for each of our boxes.

Price and Shipping Locations
$13 - $33 Per Month - Ships Worldwide
BoxFromJapan Box.jpg 3 years ago
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