Shades Club – May 2019 Review

Shades Club

$29.00 per month

Free US Shipping

Here’s the rundown on Shades Club from my previous reviews:

Shades Club is a sunglasses subscription box that delivers quality stylish sunglasses for an affordable price by cutting out the middleman. Here’s the price rundown: a monthly recurring sub will run you $29/month, a 4 month sub $112, a 6 month $162, and a 12 month $288. Gift subs are available. The first box you receive will also contain a fold-up case per the description on the 4, 6, and 12 month subs (though this does not appear in the description for the monthly sub). Shades Club also states that their sunglasses come with a lifetime guarantee in case anything happens to them. When subscribing, you can choose men’s or women’s.

This month my box had a little adventure in the postal system. The box arrived slightly dented, but the contents were safe and sound.

Shades Club is currently offering a free trial promotion for new members. If you email using the subject line “free shades” and are one of the first 200 people to do you, you will get a free trial. Free sunglasses sounds good to me.

This month’s design is entitled Day-trippers.

While this month sees a return to the plain white pouch (the back of the pouch just says Shades Club), the text is different from previous months, allowing one to differentiate between several pairs stored together.

Ok, yeah, I love these. In fact, they might be my favorite so far. Why? Simply put, these shades are something different. I can’t say I own anything like these in my collection. The baby pink frames and pink mirror lenses are wild without being garish. Fit and comfort remains good.

I’m not even a pink person but I love these so much.

As shown in the above picture, the lenses are polarized.

Each month I enjoy finding out what little details will be printed on the frame.

The Day-trippers colorway that I received is Vineyard. At this time, I do not see these sunglasses available for purchase on the Shades Club website, so I can’t see the price on these or the other colorways. That being said, I’m pretty sure these are the perfect pair for the end of springtime. I’m very very please with what I received this month and am excited to see if next month’s offering is even better. Interested in Shades Club? Check them out here.

PR Sample. No compensation was received. All opinions are my own. My apologies for any cat hair present in the photos, my cats decided I should be reviewing them instead.

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