WowBox – Fun and Tasty Version – September 2015 Review

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14.99$ – 34.99$
Ships Worldwide directly from Japan

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WowBox by retailer MogMog is a newer Japanese Subscription Box, that’s absolutely huge, and filled with a variety of candies, savory, sweet, and weird. It also comes with extras, gifts, DIY kits, and fun goodies. MogMog has two other subscriptions, the Kawaii and Beauty, and the Classic, which prominently features items from internationally recognizable brands like Glico. All the WowBoxes have three sizes, though they have varying item types and vary in quantity. The Kawaii and Beauty usually features at least one beauty item (usually a face mask), and tends to be more sweet and fiber oriented, with “cuter” packaging. The Classic features items like pocky and hi-chew. Fun and Tasty is the most diverse, featuring new releases and limited edition flavors in addition to cult classics.

The Fun and Tasty version features three varying levels depending on price, the cheapest being 14.99 and contains 9-14 snacks but no DIY kit, the medium contains 12-16 items and 1DIY kit, while the large contains 15-20 items, 1DIY kit and a special extra. You can switch between themes at anytime. The prices are generally similar for all three box selections though the Beauty version tends to have the least items quantity wise, though they’re bulkier. If that makes sense.

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The boxes do come with info cards, this particular box is a PR box so both the cards were combined. Click here to see my previous review of the Kawaii and Beauty. The cards got a facelift, as you’ll see in October’s Kawaii and Beauty Box (once that review is live).

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Heart Chippuru
Korean BBQ flavored heart-shaped potato chips. I’ve had these before, WAY back in the February Okashi Connection, so it’s good to see that they’re still around. I’m going to just assume this is a very common chip in Japan, which would make sense, considering how often these show up. I can’t say I’m a big fan of them; they’re spicy, with a smoked meaty flavor (which is intended, I know).

Corn Potage Puffs
Corn soup flavored corn puffs. These are also super common; I think I’ve received these no less than 10 times over my snack blogging career, and I just can’t seem to get into them. They’re like, creamed corn in a puff. They just have a strange, odd flavoring to them that’s more like, “soggy corn puffs in milk,” rather than corn soup.

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Aerial Salty Corn
AHH. Have you ever had a bugle (the chip not the horn)? These are like, airy, puffy bugles. They almost tasted like a puff pastry style salty snack, there were so many crispy layers. Honestly truly delicious, ranks VERY high up there with some of my favorite Asian snacks ever. These are also made by Nabisco Japan. I think we need to have a very long, difficult discussion with Nabisco USA/North America/Whatever detachment we have because WE NEED THESE IN THE STATES. I’m about to make a terrible life decision and order like, 20 bags of these from Amazon for 60$. That’s damn high for some puffy corn.

Onion Balls
Not my jam. Totally D Lys’ jam.

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Melon Soda Mochi
Mochi squares! Mochi is rice that’s been pounded down into a fine paste (ever heard of the legend of the bunny in the moon?) and used to make everything from tea cakes to ice cream. It’s an incredibly versatile food. These little squares have a toothpick in the side that you use to stab the candy and deliver to your face hole. The texture is sort of like a very smooth gum, it’s very chewy but it dissolves quickly. The melon flavor is very popular in Japan too.

Blueberry Cigarettes
Candy cigs with a blueberry center. I honestly used to love candy cigs, not because of their looks or “cool factor” or whatever, but because those chalky little sticks actually tasted quite good. These have a really tart blueberry flavoring, like, blueberry jelly.


Dondon Yaki
Mochi snacks! Fried mochi! It’s cripsy!

Himo Q Ramune
Gummy string that starts are one flavor then goes to the next. The card suggests you can play with it but, how do you play with a gummy shaped intestine?

wowbox (6)

Giant Caplico Z
Giant, incredibly common ice cream cone shaped treat. Cone tastes like a regular ice cream cone while the “ice cream” part is like a puffed up, soft meringue.

Carrot candy. They kind of taste like sugar smacks cereal, no carrot (it’s called carrot candy for the packaging).

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Awawa Pucho Grape
Ah I love pucho! Pucho is a candy that can be similar to hi-chew, but it also comes in these little ball shapes that have multiple layers and flavors. These fizz like a cola, but taste like grape soda.

Sakeru Gummy
These kinds of gummies are neat, but they have a very, VERY strong flavoring that is a tad off putting. These candies come in a strip that you can tear off individual pieces (sort of like straight twizzlers). It’s like, a strong sour in-your-face punch then immediately sweet then sour again all in the span of .02 seconds.

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Gudetama DIY Kit
The box did come with very detailed instructions on how to make your own edible Gudetama. Gudetama is edible anyway, I mean, it’s a wiggling egg yolk…


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Suppai Lemon
These stupid things… three gumballs in a row, all the exact same shape, but one is rage inducing because it’s so sour it causes your entire face to implode. It’s supposed to be a “fun game” but no, it’s not fun. Lemons are naturally tart, why make it worse? :(

Megane Card
Megane means glasses, so when you hear someone mention a “megane character,” it usually means the “character wearing eyeglasses,” (also known as the character Beeju will be instantly drawn to). The special extra in the large box is this little set of anime eyewear, in a variety of designs. Shame you can see all of nothing through the lenses, but it’s a cute extra.

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In terms of quantity, few boxes offer the same amount of items that WowBox does. It has a fairly even mixture on sweet and savory, and while not everything is brand new, it still had a good mix of items that were interesting, safe, classics, and a bit extreme. If you’re in the market for a new snack box, I recommend WowBox, just because it has something in it for everyone.

WowBox starts at 14.99$ per month and you can get one by clicking here.

PR Sample. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.


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