WowBox – Kawaii & Beauty Version September 2015 Review

WowBox by MogMog is a new Japanese Subscription box that I think you’re gonna like. IT’S MASSIVE.

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WowBox by MogMog
14.99$ – 34.99$
Ships Worldwide for Free

WowBox has multiple subscription offerings. The “Fun & Tasty,” which is more the more random box filled with a variety of different snacks, the “Kawaii & Beauty,” which is mostly “cute” foods and usually 1-2 beauty items, and “The Classic,” which features classic snacks we know from Japan, with a box of pocky guaranteed in each (3 if you get the large size). All three versions contain full size snacks, the first two contain newly released snacks and a DIY kit. All three also contain both sweet and savory snacks, with Fun & Tasty leaning more towards a balance between the two and the Kawaii & Beauty leaning about 90% sweet. Additionally, the large size of all three offerings contains a “special gift.”

Note before we proceed: The Kawaii & Beauty box is semi-diet oriented, so if that bothers you, you might want to check out another review.

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Each box does contain an info sheet. A note about this particular sheet, this is a PR box, so the sheets were combined (I also received Fun & Tasty). The sheet briefly describes the items in the box. There was also a sheet on how to assemble the DIY kit.

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Country Ma’am Whole Fruit Bars
I didn’t know that Country Ma’am made these types of bars but I adore them. They taste like a breakfast bar, they’re made with cranberries, blueberries, pomegranate and I think raisins (I can’t quite pick up all the flavors, but they’re definitely berry oriented). The cookie/bar is very soft and crumbly too. The best part was that you got a bag of 7 individually wrapped bars WEEE

Toppo Strawberry
Brand new Toppo flavor; Toppo is basically reversed Pocky, the frosting is on the inside of the stick. These taste more like a pretzel stick than a buttery breadstick, but still nice.

wowbox (20)

Fish shaped crispy wafer with an airy, whipped filling. The treat is cute, but I don’t care for the airy texture. It does melt in your mouth though.

Apollo Chocolates
Little cone shaped chocolates, the bottom is a milk chocolate while the top is a strawberry flavored chocolate. Something I’ve noticed here in the last oh, year or so that I’ve been reviewing these boxes is that Japan really loves their strawberry flavors, good golly. These chocolates are creamy and the strawberry flavor can definitely be on the bitter side.

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Konpeito is one of my favorite treats to come out of Japan. They’re just tiny little rock candies (the kind you find on wooden sticks), but they have so much flavor and are so much fun.

Milky Green Tea
Milky is a fun kind of candy that’s vanilla flavored, but chewy, like a harder caramel. These are the green tea flavored ones. Milky is very similar to Vanilla Tootsie Rolls if you’re in the US.

wowbox (17)

Gudetama DIY Kit
Gudetama kind of freaks me out a bit because it’s literally a living, moving egg yolk that just sorta… lives there, it’s just… idk Gudetama is cute but it’s still a wiggling egg yolk D: Each of the largest size boxes contain a DIY kit except the classic box.

Calbee Vegips
Dried vegetable chips. I’m not to keen on these, they taste strikingly similar to the vegetables they’re supposed to represent (sometimes these types of snacks are very plain), and I’m not a big veggie fan. It’s also the only savory/salty item in the box.

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Prune and Lychee Konyaku
“Low in calories and high in fiber,” these are jelly pouches that are mostly prune flavored. The jelly texture is thicker than the jelly you’d get out of a jar too. Mmmm fiber.

Kajitsu Gummy with Iron
Prine and apple flavored gummies. These are chewier than normal gummies and have a really deep prune flavor, almost if you’d dipped a prune in apple juice. Really surprisingly good though, very sweet.

wowbox (18)

Ippon Manzoku Bar
Cereal bar with strawberry, cranberry, orange and raisins. Sounds like an excellent cereal bar! It’s a bit bland in terms of flavor, like, it’s “okay,” all you really taste is cranberry.

Strawberry Cheese Tart
JAPANESE POP TARTS! Strawberry and cheese in a brown rice bran crust. The cheese on this is no where near cheesecake level, in fact I’d call it more “weirdly creamy like it doesn’t quite belong,” style of cheese but it does pair well with the strawberry. The crust is flaky too but bland. Overall, great :D

wowbox (19)

Choosy Lip Pack
This is the one beauty item in this box, a rather common lip mask. I do tend to like these masks because they do heal well, but personally I wouldn’t advertise something as a beauty box if it has one itty bitty one use beauty item in it.

Rose flavored gummy style chews. There’s an outer shell that leads to the gummy interior which is significantly chewier than anything else in the box, and wildly perfumed to smell like freshly cut roses. This may sound pleasant but uh, have you ever eaten a rose? I don’t recommend it.

wowbox (5)

I liked this box for a number of reasons, the main one being that it’s mostly sweet and that it sent items I’ve never seen or tried before. For example, I had no idea that country ma’am made more than just regular cookies, or that the Japanese had a pop tart style pastry. What I didn’t really care for was the constant nudge to things that were “high in fiber, calcuim, iron” and a laundry list of other nutrients (read the info sheet). This box definitely had dieting undertones, but otherwise I liked most of the snacks. As for the theme, I did think it fit the “cute” theme well with all the pink and sweets, but not so much the beauty.

If you’re interested in this version of WowBox, the cost starts at 14.99$ and you can get one by clicking here.

PR Sample. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.


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  1. Wow this looks like a great subscription! I’m going to have to look into this , I love Japanese candy. Especially rose flavored candies and gum! Weird, but its my favorite

    1. Unfortunately they didn’t offer a coupon. >< The box size is slightly larger than Tokyo Treat's and the candies inside were a bit larger too. I should have that review up later this week :D

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