Spice Box, which started life in November 2015, involves a monthly subscription to help keep your relationship interesting. It’s an innovative approach that delivers every month a different sexual experience with all ingredients you need to follow your erotic recipes.

What are recipe and spice cards included in the Spice Box?

Erotic Recipe Cards: They describe the main activities inspired by the contents of your Spice Box. They suggest new moves, positions, ideas and encourage you to open up with each other. All ingredients you need for each recipe activities will be included in your Spice Box. They play the main role in your experience and will help you to explore each other, learn about sex and how it can be pleasurable with your partner.

Spice Cards: To have sex working well between a couple the couple must not completely forget about sex. All of us have obligations like work or family but if sex is not on our ‘to-do’ lists we will eventually give up on it. Spice Cards help you to keep sex on your mind (and remind you how exciting it can be!), come up with inspiring new ideas and to connect with each other during daily situations. This helps you to feel comfortable with the idea of having sex with your partner anytime, and not feel like it is a scheduled activity.

There are two products on offer: the starter pack, and the monthly subscription.

The starter pack, which is sold on its own at £99, includes eight recipes, three spices cards, a case to display your spice cards and ingredients – that include quality sex toys and lingerie of big brands. When you order this starter pack, it’s charged a delivery fee of £9.

The monthly subscription starts at £49, and includes 4-6 exclusive erotic recipes along with the 3 or 4 ingredients needed to carry out these recipes and three spice cards. No delivery charge is needed for subscriptions.

Spice Box creator, Madison Tobal, said: “The Spice Box is a product specifically designed to help couples enjoy and explore fun sex. Our stress-free and creative approach allows you to enjoy each other like never before.”

Spice Box began its life when creator Madison Tobal realised that erotic toys were sometimes not enough to keep sex fresh and fun.

Madison and the team realised that, despite the numerous online and high street erotic shops, very few of them were providing ideas on how to use their toys and other products, and so Spice Box was born.

The products are delivered discreetly in a brown card box, and the company offers delivery options throughout the UK and overseas.

Price and Shipping Locations
£49 - Free Shipping in the UK and £9 overseas
10OFF for £10 off - Exp. 31/12/2016
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