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Since last year, Quejadore has been offering an original and funny box made for curious women, who love to take care of them and to keep update with the latest trends. Quejadore Box differs from the others « beauty boxes », by offering not only cosmetics but also original articles of numerous categories: organic products, gadgets, cultural assets, and accessories.

In the box, you will find a little notebook entirely illustrated in which you will discover all the characteristic of the products, but also discount codes, promotional, and good plans. Please note that the notebook is only available in French for the moment. The amount of the products in the box arise 70 euros, and the box is delivered once every two months. Each box focuses on a different theme, but you will always find the Parisian Spirit inside.

Price of the box: 24.90€ + delivery  ( 27.393 $ )

Price of 3 boxes (6 months):  72.70€ (79.968 $)

Price of 6 boxes (1 year): 139.90€ ( 153.894 $)

Price and Shipping Locations
$27.393 + Delivery
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