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Bring Japan to you in a box!

“Kizuna” is a Japanese word that means the bonds between people. With Kizuna Box, we wish to connect you with Japan through carefully selected 100% Made-in-Japan lifestyle items and limited edition snacks sent directly to your door from the heart of Tokyo, every month.

Kizuna Box is available in 2 versions: Kizuna Lifestyle Box delivers to you monthly selections of 5 to 7 high-quality Japanese goodies that include ceramics, cloths, stationery, snacks and so on. Meanwhile, Kizuna Snack Box contains 13 to 16 artisanal and traditional Japanese snack and beverage items coupled with 1 or 2 cultural and lifestyle items. Often times, these snacks are only available in a specific region or time of the year.

Every box is guaranteed to give you the most authentic and best real-time experience! Get a gift from Japan to yourself everymonth!

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34.99 - shipping cost, 29.99 - shipping cost
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