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We are a couple who loves to snack. We hand pick deliciously unique Japanese and Asian candies and snacks for each of our boxes. For just $11.95, gift a box full of Asian goodies or buy one for yourself and indulge! Shop for individual snacks at our Shop. Fast shipping!

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$11.95 - $34.95 Per Month - Ships Worldwide
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  • I received a little box of snacks for twelve dollars and received about six dollars worth of stuff at the most. All the items were cheap and it was not my money’s worth.I am not one to complain about anything really but this was very disappointing. I am never disappointed with pretty much anything I receive but this was just ridiculous. I’m sure if I would have got a bigger box I prolly would have been good with it but it was definitely not good.
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247 Japanese Candy Box.jpg 3 years ago
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