KitNipBox – February 2018 Review

Welp, we’re off to a great start.


$19.99 per month (Happy Cat)/$29.99 per month (Multi-Cat)
Free U.S. Shipping
Ships to U.S., Canada ($6.95 shipping), Europe, and Australia ($7.95 shipping)

KitNipBox is a long-running cat sub box that delivers a mixture of toys, treats, and other feline goodies each month. Currently two variations are available. The Happy Cat Box offers 5 items, while the Multi-Cat Box will have 7. The box I received for review was the Multi-Cat Box, which is great since my two jerks do not like to share. KitNipBox donates a portion of their proceeds each month to various animal welfare causes. Beware, this review contains many cat pictures!

The tissue paper this box uses is absolutely adorable up close.

See? Too cute!

Ah, a delightful bounty for tiny needle fangs to explore.

This month’s theme was transportation, and as you’ll soon see, they did a pretty good job of sticking to it!

One thing to note is that if your cat is sensitive or has allergies, a no food option is available when you order your box.

Safemade Taxi

This rather large plush taxi was a hit with both Olivia and Nero. They continued to play with it after the initial “new toy” insanity wore off. I often find it soaked in drool. Delightful.

All For Paws Helicopter

Another toy that both cats went for. However, they definitely favored the taxi more than this as time passed. As such, I wound up setting it safely aside for whenever they inevitably destroy one of their other toys.

All For Paws Sailboat

My cats had the exact same reaction to this as the helicopter, so this too was put away after the initial play session.

Best Pet Hoot Pal

This was the only toy of the box that I couldn’t get either cat to play with. They sniffed it, sat on it, and otherwise just ignored it.

Handmade Traffic Kicker by Dream Cat

This was a complete hit. Livi and Nero both wanted to play with this to the point where they fought constantly over it for days. This too is uncomfortably moist from cat slobber whenever I pick it up, and will likely be destroyed in a month or two with the way it gets attacked.

All For Paws Set Sail Tease and Dangle Wand

There is no such thing as a dangle toy that my vicious furballs won’t attempt to murder with glee. Another hit.

So Bright Freeze Dried Whitefish Treats

THESE TREATS. THESE FREAKING TREATS. They are quite possibly the most pungent cat treats I have ever seen. It’s so bad you can smell them across the room if the bag is open. That being said, Nero adores these. He straight up hoovers them the instant they are within range. Livi will sniff and sniff at them, but won’t actually eat them.

Fighting over the taxi.

Nero wins the fight.

Olivia retaliates by attempting to roll out the door with it.

Aha! A new favorite emerges!

Livi continues to stake her claim to the kicker…

…until she decides the folding chair is a better target for her wrath

The tissue paper was played with as much as the toys

You guys….

And yes, the box was easily the most popular item.

Action shot!

Livi does not mind the terrible scent.

Photogenic jerk!!

He wants to know why I am not playing with him. The answer is I’m lazy.

Box > all

If you enjoy spoiling your cats with new fun things to destroy each month, then I’m sure you’ll love KitNipBox. My cats enjoyed sitting on/playing with/eating everything in here, and I liked seeing a cohesive and unique theme. Interested in KitNipBox? Order yours hereNow if you’ll excuse me, I need to vacuum up bits of cardboard that they ripped off of the box.

PR Box. No compensation was received. All opinions are my own. I wish my cats loved me as much as they loved that cardboard box.

D Lys

I like cats. I also like other things that are not cats.

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