Loot Crate Sanrio Small Gift Crate – Fall 2017 Review

Lootcrate offers a variety of subscription boxes.  Their Sanrio Small Gift Crate is a quarterly Sanrio subscription box.  It costs $34.95 + $5 shipping per quarter, with discounts for longer subscriptions, and includes “EXCLUSIVE collectibles and apparel, including kawaii figures, adorable accessories and more Sanrio goodies every quarter! A $75 value in every crate!”

This is a review of the fall crate.

The cute packaging is sealed with a sticker that has a trinket attached to it.

Like most Loot Crate boxes, this box can be turned inside out.  It makes this food stand.

Everything in this quarter’s Sanrio Small Gift crate.  The theme for the fall is Tasty.

This super cute menu is the information card for this box.

Exclusive Hello Kitty Hot Dog Plush – The cutest hot dog ever!  This is a little bit bigger than a mini Tsum Tsum.  I love that it actually has a hot dog box holding it.  I don’t think I would be able to eat a Hello Kitty hot dog in any form.

The hot dog out of the box.

Exclusive Chococat Squishy – “You can’t have a hot dog without a side of fries.”  As a squishy collector, I was more than ecstatic to see an exclusive Chococat squishy in this box.  It is a slow-rising squishy, which I love so much.  It would be even better if it had some kind of scent.

Exclusive Silicone Coaster Set – Hello Kitty, Chococat, Cinnamoroll, and Gudetama are definitely a few of the characters that I love from Sanrio.  I really like silicone coasters because they’re waterproof, portable, and not fragile, so these are really good for me.

Exclusive Sanrio Lunch Bag – My obsession with bags doesn’t stop with makeup bags or totes – I love bags in any form, especially when I have a cute bag like this with Sanrio friends on it.

Inside of the bag.

Exclusive Gudetama Bento Box – I’ve always thought that Gudetama and bento boxes were the perfect combination.  I love that this three-layer set has everything you need to store a meal.  I also like that it’s BPS-free.

Exclusive Dokidoki Yummychums Apron – Don’t you just love the name Dokidoki Yummychums?  I feel hungry just looking at the apron.  In case you were wondering, it’s still hanging on one of my blinds.

Exclusive Gudetama Charm – The zipper charm has become a signature item in Lootcrate’s Sanrio Small Gift crate.  I love the addition each month to the crate, especially when it’s Gudetama.

Sanrio Magnet Trinket – Every month, they use a small item to seal the box wrapping (see the packaging photo near the start of this review).  This month, it’s one of the magnet trinkets.  Each subscriber will receive either Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, My Melody, or Pompompurin, or Bonbonribbon.  I received the Hello Kitty version, which I love.

Overall, I love this tasty crate so much.  I like that, each quarter, they include items that are both useful and cute.  So far, I’ve received the first four crates that Lootcrate and Sanrio created, and I love all of them.  I don’t think I can ever stop getting this box.

If you’re interested in Lootcrate Sanrio Small Gift (or any of Lootcrate’s other crates), click here to get one.

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