Bokksu – September 2017 Review

Double whammy!  September’s Bokksu technically has two themes: “Memories of Hokkaido” and “Limited Edition Michelin Bokksu”!  That’s right – for the first time ever, a Japanese snack box has partnered with the chef of a Michelin-starred restaurant to create a specially curated box, so you know the snacks are going to be delicious!

$39/month with free shipping in the US and $5 shipping to Canada.

**UPDATE** Bokksu has been kind enough to let us know that they now offer free worldwide shipping!  Thanks to their recent change in shipping provider, there is no longer a shipping charge.  Yay!

Use code BEEJU or BEEJU10 to get $10 off any Classic Bokksu subscription!

Last month, Bokksu included a note saying they had changed their shipping provider, and they ended up shipping their box around the first week of August.  This month, however, the box arrived in the third week of September, which is around when they used to ship their boxes previously.

Of course, everything still arrives in their lovely classic orange box.  I always appreciate how crisp and clean it looks!

This month’s snacks are all about the lovely northern island of Hokkaido!  With cold winters and a refreshing sea/mountain climate, Hokkaido is probably best known for its dairy products and rich cuisine.  The guest collaborator for this box, Executive Chef Sono of New York’s Michelin-starred restaurant Kyo Ya, is actually a native of Hokkaido, and thus the perfect person to guide us in exploring its artisanal treats!

As always, the handy dandy trifold card gives us important information about allergens, as well as a little blurb for each snack.

Jaga Pokkuru by Calbee

These little French fry potato chips have shown up in so many snack boxes, and I’m always thrilled to see them.  They’re perfectly crisp and salty, almost like actual French fries, and they’re made with real Hokkaido potatoes.  Seriously, I’m torn between sad that these bags aren’t bigger, and glad because I know I would devour the whole packet if they were.

Shiroi Koibito by Ishiya Seika

Langue de chat cookies are a delicious snack that consist of two buttery white cookies surrounding a creamy middle layer.  This particular brand is like the OG langue de chat – my mom used to ask our relatives to bring her some when they visited us in the states.  The cookie outside is beautifully crisp and delicate, and the white chocolate cream inside is sweet without being overpowering.

White Raspberry by Bon Bon Seika

This little cookie is covered in white chocolate and has bits of actual raspberry sprinkled on top.  Appearance-wise, it’s a very cute treat!  The cookie base is very light and airy, with a sweet sugary flavor.  The white chocolate is smooth and creamy, and balances well with the tartness of the freeze-dried raspberries.  It’s like a cute high-end rice krispy treat!

Just look at the cute pink color!  I love that the little flower heart on the wrapper mirrors the raspberry bits.

Kibana by Tsuboya

This is an almond cookie sandwich surrounding a white chocolate filling.  The almond cookies are so fragrant and crisp, with a nice snap and light sweet flavor.  The filling is creamy and smooth and contrasts well with the crumbly nuttiness of the cookie.

Kitsune’s Tail by Akai Ribbon

The icing on this little pastry melted in the September heat of my mailbox, so it was a bit tough to photograph nicely.  That did not, however, detract from the delicious taste!  Shaped like a fox’s tail, it’s buttery and flaky, and sweet from the maple white chocolate frosting.  It was a tiny bit on the dry side, but other than that a great snack with tea!

Haskap Gofret by Hokkaido Nishi Kihorin

I promise there was a whole cookie in that package, but it snapped and crumbled during shipping so it was difficult to get out of the wrapper for pictures.  The gaufrette on the outside is a thin wafer-like crisp that has a beautiful swirly design.  The inside is filled with a light grape cream that is delicately sweet.

Curry Karinto by Hokkaido Nishi Kihorin

These little crunchy cracker pieces are coated in curry powder.  They’re a wonderful combination of sweet and spicy, with a familiar traditional curry flavor.  The crackers are crunchy, but also the slightest bit chewy thanks to a sweet coating on the outside that makes the pieces stick together.

Onion Pie by Akai Ribbon

You wouldn’t think something called “onion pie” would be amazing, but oh man it is.  This little cookie contains sweet onion pieces from Iwamizawa City.

See the little onion flakes?  The cookie is flaky and buttery, almost like a butterfly cookie.  The onion flavor makes it fragrant and adds to the sweetness of the cookie without being weird or overpowering.

Daikon Odori by Tsuboya

Wow, these little crackers are quite unique!  Named after a famous “Radish Dance”, they have a very simple radish flavor but are somehow still quite delicious with the perfect hint of salt.  They almost taste like spring onion, but lighter and simpler.

Zangi Cracker by Aichi Foods

These crunchy savory crackers are flavored with ginger and sesame.  They have a puffed texture, and taste almost like fried chicken bits!  I know that sounds odd, but it has that salty umami flavor that I’m used to getting with takeout Chinese food.  It’s delicious and perfect

Satsumarche Hojicha by Kagoshima Seicha

This is a toasty green tea made by low roasting Sencha leaves.  It has a nutty earthy flavor that is quite soothing on a cold day.  I’m not crazy about the fragrance, but the taste is rich and warm.

Overall, Bokksu has done it again!  You can always expect high quality snacks from them, but this month was extra special thanks to the curation by Chikara Sono.  I feel like a lot of Hokkaido-themed boxes focus on dairy products, but this really explored some lesser-known sides to Hokkaido cuisine, as if we were shown around by a local.  My favorites were probably the onion pie and the zangi crackers, but honestly there wasn’t a single miss for me in the whole box.  Looking forward to next month’s treats!


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  1. Thank you for the wonderful review as always Vicki! We love reading your detailed and fun reviews each month :)

    One quick point of clarification though: Now that we ship directly from Japan, we actually offer Free Shipping Worldwide. Please update that when you get a chance :)

    -Danny from Bokksu

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