EsianMall Snack Box – May 2017

EsianMall Snack Box
$15/30/$40 Per Month
Free US Shipping
Ships the last week of the month

The EsianMall Snack Box is a geek & gamer themed entry in the Asian snack box market. Currently there are three versions of this box available. The Mini box contains 5-6 items for $15 a month. The Medium box promises 8-10 items for $30 a month. Lastly, the Deluxe box (reviewed here) contains 12-14 items for $40 a month. Included in those 12-14 items will be a 1 or 2 geeky items. In addition to their snack box, EsianMall also offers a beauty box and a t-shirt box. Whichever box you choose has a lengthy quiz attached to it so that you can customize your box.

It’s been a long time since I last reviewed EsianMall’s Snack Box. There’s been a few changes since then. The most prominent one being the inclusion of a geeky item in the Deluxe box.

The box is still packed with goodies. There are also still 8000 info cards telling you of things such as the affiliate program, or the fact that you can get your first mini snack box for free (+shipping) by going here.

However, instead of the traditional info card providing you a list of this month’s treats, you now get a card with a QR code (the beauty box QR is on the opposite side)….which doesn’t work. BUCKLE UP YOU GUYS, WE’RE WINGING IT THIS MONTH!

♪ Hello Deadpool, my old friend ♪

Deadpool socks! These are soft and comfy, and are in the biggest men’s size apparently. This means that they fit me perfectly. Yesssssssssss…..

The other geeky item this month is a Deadpool sticker. It’s roughly 3×3 inches in size. I’m going to stick it in my cubicle at work.


Ambiguous green cubes. These sugar coated jelly cubes are green tea flavored. While I love anything green tea flavored, these are just a little too sweet for me.

Tohato ambiguous chocolate stars. This snack is from Crayon Shin-chan. It tastes like a very sweet chocolate cereal with caramel flavoring. I should hate this, but it’s additive.

It also comes with a Crayon Shin-chan sticker. I got Chile.

Meiji ambiguous pink mushrooms. Just kidding, these are straight up strawberry Chocorooms. Lately Five Below stores have been selling larger packages of these. They are very strongly strawberry flavored, and very delicious.

Ottogi ambiguous cheese ramen. I didn’t try this, as it has chicken stock and beef bone in it. The noodle brick is a generous size though, and the cheesehead mascot is amusing.

Ambiguous Bugles. These are straight up less salty Bugles. My favorite non-green tea kitkat food item this month.

This is the back of the package. Is that ice cream????

Ambiguous cacao cakes. These are just small Moon Pies. They’re less sweet and much drier, but I really liked the strong chocolate flavor.

Ambiguous DIY kit. This kit has you making your own animal candy lollipops. Instead of lions and pandas, I made crimes against nature.

Ambiguous senbei. Soy flavored! I liked the crunchy texture on these.

Ambiguous senbei 2: cheese flavored boogaloo. I liked the very strong cheese flavor on these, but the texture is oddly similar to styrofoam and kept throwing me off.

Me too, bro.

Lotte Fit’s gum – ambiguous grape flavor. I loved this. It tastes a little more like green grape than red. The flavor lasts quite a while, and it’s sugar free too. This is 8000 times better than the gum I got in the EsianMall snack box that I tried last year.

Overall the box was very well balanced. There was a good mix of sweet and savory, and the big non edible item (the socks) was the shining star. There was nothing outlandish among the snacks, so this box would make a very good gift. Though I wasn’t able to try the ramen, there wasn’t anything that I didn’t like with the snacks that I did sample (though again the green tea jellies were slightly too sweet for me). Interested in EsianMall Snack Box? Check it out here.

PR Sample. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received. Ambiguous post-review comment.

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