Pusheen Box – Winter 2016 Review


Pusheen Box
Cost: $43.95 USD every quarter.
Shipping Costs: $6 to the US, $20 to Canada and $25 – $30 internationally.
Mailed Out: Mid-December 2016 / Mid-April 2017 / Mid-July 2017 / Mid-Oct 2017
Payment Method: Credit Card and Paypal.
**Note:  subscriptions renew automatically**


My box was shipped on December 16th and delivered to my office in early Jan while we were closed – I will have it redirected this year, not making that mistake again! My review is super late because my internet provider has decided to stuff up my connection and can’t fix it, so I have no wifi at home! :( But as this is a quarterly box, I figure I’m good posting it in February since the Spring box hasn’t come out yet! ;)


First look inside the box. I love their packaging, my mind was blown when I opened it! <3



After not including one in the Fall box, we have a contents card in this one!


Wrapping Paper & Sticker Gift Set ($3.99 USD for similar item): usually I don’t like stationery included in boxes because I don’t use pens and notepads since we live in the age of technology, but this is wonderfully practical!


I love that the wrapping isn’t Christmas-specific, which would’ve been annoying as the winter international boxes weren’t delivered til the New Year. Instead I can use this for a couple lucky people on their birthdays!


I can’t wait to use these on some presents!


Patterned Tape: obviously when wrapping presents, you’ll need some tape to hold it together and this is the cutest gosh-darned tape I’ve ever seen! My birthday wrapping will be epic this year! I’ve never been this excited over stationery, haha, this is great. <3


Stamp Set ($14.99 for similar item): this was less exciting for me because I’m not a creative person. But it’s still a cute idea for those who like DIY projects – a friend mentioned using these stamps to make her own bookmarks!


I am a child because the translation into ‘1 tampons’ make me snicker…


A cute variety of stamps on offer here! A couple are obviously seasonal with Pusheen in a Christmas stocking or under the Christmas tree, but the rest can be used anytime.


A closer look at the stamps. I gave this to a friend’s little girl who will have fun stamping to her heart’s content!


String Lights: YAAAAS, an instagrammer’s best friend! I have fairy lights, but not any cute character lights, so this is fantastic! :D


I love that you don’t even need to turn on the lights, Pusheen is an adorable decoration as is! <3


For some reason, my camera makes the light look green-ish, but it’s actually a silvery glow in real life.

Thermos: previous items tied into the Christmas part of winter (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway, it’s a summer Christmas for us in Australia), and now we’re seeing items that cater to the climate aspect of winter.


I’m trying to restrain my use of the same description over and over, but this is the most adorable thermos in the world! The 3-d whiskers are a great feature, as opposed to just being painted on. :)


Tea Infuser: need a hot drink for your thermos? Here’s an infuser to make some tea to sip while you’re on the go!


Unlike the thermos, this item is dishwasher safe, which is always welcome.


I do like that the chain used to pull her out of your mug doubles as a tail when viewed from the front.


But what I don’t like about this infuser is that the image shows Pusheen with her normal features – dark eyes, nose and whiskers. However, I suppose it’s due to health & safety reasons that those features haven’t been painted on and it makes her look weird to me, she’s all washed out. :/ Not my cup of tea, unfortunately. (lame pun intended)


Mittens: purr-fect for winter, my hands are always freezing! I catch public transport and since I need to take two buses to work, I end up out in the elements for maybe 20 minutes at the start and the end of the day. These will come in handy when the cold season hits.


The neat feature is how you can wear these as fingerless gloves orrr you can unbutton Pusheen to make these full mittens! If you prefer to leave your fingers free so you can use your phone, Pusheen can stay buttoned on to keep you looking stylish. :D


Scarf ($12.80 USD for lightweight scarf): I have to note again how great the presentation is – love the gift packaging on this!


I love this scarf, again with the 3-D details here with Pusheen’s whiskers, paws and tail!


I’m looking forward to rugging up in winter with this adorable scarf. <3


‘Cozy Pusheen’ Vinyl Figure: and finally the vinyl figure that comes in every box!


Here’s Pusheen wearing a hat, scarf and booties, d’aww.


Look at her all snuggly and warm!


Side view.


Pusheen’s backside, hehe.


That little splash of paint out of place on her tail is a little annoying, but there’s always a minor paint issue with vinyl figures, alas, so I just have to live with it. The overall figure is so freaking adorable, anyway! I’m rapt with my Pusheen vinyl collection that’s growing with each box, mwahaha. <3


Curation: 10/10! Pusheen Box does an AMAZING job picking their items, they always tie into the season really well in thoughtful, practical ways.

Worth It? This cost me $95.24 AUD, because as an Australian, I unfortunately get charged an absolute fortune with the currency conversion and shipping. :( But I think Pusheen is worth it for sure! All the items are useful and if I personally don’t have use for an item, there’s always someone who’ll gladly take it off my hands. I wasn’t a fan of the tea infuser, for instance, but a tea-loving friend is putting it to good use!

I can’t find values for all the items as they are exclusive to this box and there aren’t similar items for the official merchandise out at the moment, but my guesstimate at how much each is worth (or what I’d pay for it anyway) always adds up to more than the $100+ value that Pusheen Box promises with every quarter. The gift-wrapping set and stamp are about $25 AUD, then I’d say about $5 for the tape, $20 for the lights, $15 for the thermos, $5 for the tea infuser, $10 for the mittens, $15 for the scarf and $20 for the vinyl figure. And that’s just the price I’d put on it, if you look at the market value on ebay for Pusheen merch, they go for crazy amounts! ($25 tea infuser, $50+ for the lights…)

Personal Rating: 4 out of 5 kitties approve this box!


Find Out More: You can find Pusheen Box on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

(I purchased this box, and this review is based on my personal opinion. No compensation was received)



I'm from Australia. I love cats. And I'm addicted to subscription boxes!
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  1. I subscribed to this box a bit ago, and it is absolutely my favorite sub! I was ridiculously excited when I opened it too!
    (Also don’t feel badly about the late review… I couldn’t get into the site for awhile, and am just now getting reviews done from September! UGH! Bad reviewer!)

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