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GlobeIn Artisan Box
$40 Per Mo
Ships to US
Use LOVEIS & Receive a Free Gift – Red Heart Soapstone Dish with a 3+ Month Artisan Box Subscription
GlobeIn is all about Fair Trade – showcasing beautiful designs from artisans all over the world. It’s one of the better subscriptions you can get strictly due to its nature; you can’t find these things anywhere else. They’re all handmade items, and the quality is stunning.

Each box comes with an info booklet which details the items inside and the artisans who design them. 

Soapstone Word Heart – Kenya
Awwww it’s so CUTE. It was crafted by the Shona people, whose traditional stone sculptures are known throughout the world. It has some heft to it, and is really soft. The info book suggests you place it on your mantle – ours happens to be filled with random trinkets from my late Grandfather’s coal mining days so I put it near his photo.

Soapstone Dish – Kenya
I LOVE THIS. It’s SO cute I’ve had three people try to take it from me (so far the most exotic thing I’ve been offered is a goat but that’s another story). It’s also got some heft so it but it’s really soft like, your hand just glides over it. I’m using it as a jewelry dish at the moment. I love the story behind it – carving by the Shona people is apparently very male dominated but the booklet lists the story of Rose, one of the very few exceptions. Rose now makes more than double minimum wage, has healthcare and is her own boss, all from interrupting a male dominated craft. Good on you Rose, good on you.

Organic Dark Chocolate Caramel Crunch with Sea Salt – Dominican Republic
I like dark chocolate, i like caramel and I like sea salt but this was just slightly too bitter to my tastes. The caramel was “stick to your teeth.” Honestly it’s not a bad bar in any way, it’s just not my type.

Shibori Napkin Set – India
Shibori is an intricate Japanese technique which creates tie-dye patterns by folding. These were made by a small set of women in India, in an area in which economic opportunity is very scarce. They’re very soft and I love how vibrant the blue is against the white background contrast.

Palm Leaf Heart Bowl – Mexico
The story behind this bowl is very sweet, it’s very Romeo and Juliet in a sense. Juan loved Juana at first sight, but when she asked her family permission to date him, they sent her away to Mexico City. Two years later, Juan was tipped off to her location and went to find her. They’ve been in love ever since. I love the little design on this bowl, the little hearts are subtle but very cute. The only thing with this bowl is that it is easily tipped over due to the type of materials. I’ve been keeping lip products in it!

Hand Blown Wine Glasses – Mexico
Excuse me these are GORGEOUS. I adore the pattern on these!

They’re much heavier than thicker than regular wine glasses too, but I adore these because of that slightly iridescent pattern they have. They’re really, really beautiful and made in a city in Mexico that’s known for artisans.

This was such a nicely done box! I loved how everything ties together and the attention to detail that Globe In has when curating is astounding. This would make a lovely box for anyone who enjoys wine glasses especially, but it would also make a lovely wedding gift or anniversary present.

If you’re interested in any of Globe In’s boxes, you can get them here. 


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Globe In - Love Box Review
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