Yogi Surprise – January 2017 Review

Yogi Surprise offers two kinds of boxes: the Lifestyle Box and the Jewelry Box.  The Lifestyle Box is $44.95/month and includes 6-8 items.  The Jewelry Box is $24.95/month and includes 2 pieces of jewelry and 1 organic treat.  This is a review of the January Jewelry Box.

This month’s theme is “Future Self”.

Each box comes with an information card detailing the three items in the box.  This month, they sent a necklace, a bracelet, and some chocolates.

They included a preview of next month’s box.  January’s box will include this Rose Quartz & Jade “Love Yourself” Mala.

Everything in this month’s Yogi Surprise jewelry box.

Crown Chakra Amethyst Necklace ($85) – This was their spoiler item this month.  Amethyst is definitely one of my favorite gemstones because I love purple.  I like the metal crown design.  I really love the meaning because who doesn’t want to connect with his/her higher self?

The new year always has a way of awakening a reinvigorated focus on self improvement.  To celebrate the start of 2017, we’ve created this stunning Crown Chakra Amethyst necklace designed to help you connect with your purest form of divinity.  Amethyst is a beautiful and powerful gemstone known for creating a sense of completeness and belonging.  We’ve also adorned this necklace with a beautiful Crown Chakra pendant – ideal for anyone who wants to place more intention towards connecting with their higher self.

Closeup of the pendant.

Adjustable Rose Quartz Stone Bracelet ($38) – The bracelet was definitely a big surprise for me.  Rose quartz is another one of my favorite stones.  I really love the simple design of this bracelet and the meaning behind it.  It doesn’t look quite the same as the information card, though.  The picture on the information card shows a bracelet with several different colors of stones.

We don’t think it can get much better than beautiful, high-clarity rose quartz stones.  We hand selected these lovely rose pink crystals and incorporated them into a simple, yet elegant adjustable bracelet design.  Rose quartz is known to be very powerful as an aid in emotional healing and relationship struggles.  Let this wonderful stone bracelet resonate out its love energy into its surroundings to help all those who are nearby.

Closeup of the bracelet.

Missionary Chocolates ($6) – I love truffles, and handmade vegan truffles sound good.  I also really like the packaging.

Delight your taste buds with these handmade vegan truffles, passionately crafted by a naturopathic physician turned award-winning chocolatier.  Made in the Pacific Northwest with wholesome and pure ingredients, these scrumptious truffles perfectly satisfy that sweet craving without compromising wellness.

Here are the chocolates.  The one on the right is sea salt.  The one on the left just tastes like regular chocolate.

Overall, I love this month’s Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box.  Both pieces of jewelry are absolutely gorgeous and I also like that they sent two pieces of award-winning vegan chocolate.

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