Fangirl Monthly – Studio Ghibli Box Review

Last month, Fangirl Monthly released a special limited edition Studio Ghibli-themed box containing ten accessories from popular Miyazaki films.  This box was not part of their monthly subscription.

This box cost $45.00 plus shipping.  It is currently still available on their website.

Fangirl Monthly’s regular subscription is $18/month plus $3.99 shipping within the U.S., $10.99 to Canada, and $13.99 internationally.

Fangirl Monthly sends out an information card with each box that describes all the products.  They’ve started including more details about each piece, as well as a retail value!  I’ve included the listed retail value on the card in my review below.  I also appreciate that they now tell you what their earrings are made of, since some people with metal sensitivities might need to know.

Every box also contains a postcard and a drawstring bag to hold the jewelry.  Both are custom designed for Fangirl Monthly.  The postcard is a minimalist illustration of Howl and Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle, and the bag has everyone’s favorite cuddly spirit, Totoro!


Kiki and Jiji Cotton Tote Bag – $15

This is a beautiful canvas tote bag with a silhouette of Kiki and her cat Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service flying in front of the moon.  The print is a shiny gold material that doesn’t peel or crinkle, and the tote itself is sturdy and well-made.  I wouldn’t use it to carry anything too heavy, but it’s great for a couple of books or a few groceries.

Jiji Pendant Necklace – $15

Fangirl Monthly released a spoiler for this necklace a couple of months ago.  It’s handmade by Etsy user Sekushi Box, who creates lovely fandom-inspired pieces in wood.  This pendant is made from maple wood and hand-painted, and is a cute image of Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service.  The purple paint on the ears is a little patchy, but I feel like that actually adds to the unique handmade charm.

Howl’s Moving Castle Necklace – $12

Another necklace, but this time from Howl’s Moving Castle!  The image is of the castle itself, behind a lovely glass bubble that gives it a “lit from within” glow.  It’s a beautiful piece with intricate detailing, but I’m afraid from far away it can be a little hard to tell what it is.  The pendant is pretty big though and has an antique bronze finish that somehow just feels appropriate for Howl!

Kodama Dangle Earrings – $9

These earrings were made by Etsy user FoxyFunk.  They’re little kodama (forest spirits) from Princess Mononoke!  They are made from semi-translucent acrylic, so at first I thought they glowed in the dark, which would be awesome for kodama!  Unfortuately they do not, but the translucence still gives them that mystical/eerie quality that the movie kodama have.  The earring hooks are nickel-free.

Chuu-Totoro and Chibi Totoro Stud Earrings – $8

These are glass-domed earrings on copper studs featuring the two different Totoros from My Neighbor Totoro.  I was worried that the image would be too small for anyone to discern what it was depicting, but my boyfriend recognized big Totoro quickly from a reasonable distance.  I actually don’t think I’ve owned copper earrings before, but after testing them out for a day they didn’t irritate my ears at all.  These were cute and a nice contrast to the larger kodama earrings.

No-Face Bracelet – $8.50

I was so happy to see Spirited Away represented in this box!  It’s one of my favorite movies ever, and No-Face is such an iconic character.  This little bracelet and pendant are all handmade, and I think the little No-Face charm is just darling!  The bracelet is supposed to be adjustable by tugging on the strands with the copper beads, but somehow mine got stuck (the knots got too tight?) and wouldn’t budge either way.  Kind of a bummer, but I’m planning to remove the adorable charm and put it on a necklace or something.

Sterling Silver Adjustable Totoro Ring – $35

Another spoiler item that Fangirl Monthly released early, this little ring is 925 stamped silver and designed exclusively for this box.  It’s got little Totoro ears, and the band has paws on the inside!  How cute!  It’s slightly adjustable (you can carefully bend the paws wider or smaller), but fits my size 5 finger pretty well.  I wore it around for a day and there was no irritation or discoloration, and it’s got a nice weight to it, so it definitely feels like a quality piece!  I don’t know if I would pay the full $35 for it, but it’s certainly not a cheap add-on so I can understand the higher value.

Ponyo Candle by The Leaky Candle – $4.50

The Leaky Candle is an Etsy shop that creates candles with scents referencing various fandoms.  They created four different natural soy candles specially for this box, and I received the Ponyo variation.  It’s a beautiful red color and smells floral and slightly fruity.  I do wish the information card or the candle tin had listed what the notes are, since I’m not very good at guessing/dissecting fragrances and am very curious to know what and why they chose!  I’m happy that I got Ponyo though – she’s so underrepresented in general!  I saw Ponyo in theaters and loved how cute and adventurous she was.  The other options are Arrietty, Calcifer, and Princess Mononoke.  This little candle is 2 oz and a great size for travel or for supplementing a larger candle.

Limited Edition Calcifer Lapel Pin – $12

Calcifer the tricky fire demon from Howl’s Moving Castle!  This enamel pin is beautiful and so colorful and detailed!  I’m actually quite impressed by the quality of this piece.  Only 150 were made for Fangirl Monthly, and each card is numbered.  This is a nice collectable item (and what a cute quote!) for anyone who loves the movie.


Overall, this was a lovely first limited edition box by Fangirl Monthly!  The total listed value adds up to $119, not including the postcard or the drawstring bag.  Even if some of the values are slightly inflated, that’s still great for a $45 box!  Studio Ghibli is a broad category, with so many amazing titles, but I think Fangirl Monthly did a good job representing the popular ones.  I really love that they included so many pieces from Etsy artists!  I can’t say that enough.  It feels more unique and I love that they’re supporting small businesses.  I’m also glad that they are including more information on their cards, so subscribers have a better idea of what they’re receiving and can rest assured regarding quality.  Fangirl Monthly is a pretty new box, but I think they’re improving with each month and I look forward to their future boxes!  Last I checked, this box is still available on their site, and I believe they will be selling a few pieces individually in their online store.


Purchased.  All opinions are my own, and no compensation was received for this review.  This post contains affiliate links.


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