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Okashda is a newer Japanese Snack Box that debuted in Summer of 2015. There are three levels, the Puchi, which has 6-8 full size snacks for 20$ per month, the Oki which has 12-15 full size snacks for 30$ per month and a new Hokkaido box, which sends snacks only found in the Hokkaido region of Japan for 35$ per box. Japan’s provinces each have their own special snacks, Hokkaido being known for their milk. The Hokkaido box seems to be sold out unfortunately.

okashda (8)

Each box comes with an info sheet that describes the items inside. This review is of the Puchi box, and all items are outlined in orange.

okashda (4)

Puccho Cola
Starting with two of my all-time favorite Japanese candies, Puccho is very similar to hi-chew in texture however it has little “pockets” of juice, sort of like gushers. These pockets are cola flavored and are really true to flavor and overall delicious. Candysan sells this for like, 1.30$, and I always buy like 15 of them.

Ramune Tablets
These are fizzy, melt in your mouth little soda tablets that explode with a lemon-lime flavoring. Sort of like, Sprite in a tablet.

okashda (3)

Dagashi Yoccyan
Dried fish surimi that’s cut into small pieces… dried fish tho. It’s definitely a cultural thing; a lot of Japanese snacks have fish products in them whereas here in the States, we don’t necessarily have snacks like this. We got beef on a stick, that’s about as adventurous as we go.

okashda (5)

Chocoball Caramel
Chocoball is a very popular, very common snack that resembles whoppers but is a bit crunchier. The caramel flavoring in this is more chewy, like soft caramels, though it also has a caramel flavored coating.

Black Thunder Bar
Ah man I love these candy bars! They’re easily some of my favorites of all time. This version is chocolate and fudgey cookies mixed with rice puffs. Japanese style rice puffs are much larger than ours are, they taste and look a lot more like sugar smacks cereal.

okashda (6)

Calbee Chips
I love Calbee! They make some of the best potato chips, their honey butter version last Summer is some of my favorite ever. I think this is a jerky flavor, the card says its randomly selected between jerky and seaweed and since I don’t see any indications of nori (no idea what that ball thing is), I’m just making a random assumption.

Nabisco Chip Star – Sweet Potato
Yes, Nabisco is cheating on the US with Japan. This is purple sweet potato with brown sugar and they taste like yams at Thanksgiving. Really wonderful, deep, sweet flavor and the fact that they’re purple is pretty nice too!

okashda (7)

Strawberry Gummies
Dense gummies with a really strong, strawberry flavoring. These aren’t your regular fruit snacks, the gummy is much deeper and chewier than a regular fruit snack. The taste is very nice though. Would try again.

Glico Biscuits
Ahhh I love these things, they’re wafer biscuit cookies with a vanilla cream in the middle. They always had an underlying lemony taste to them. These cookies are really addictive and you get a lot per package!

okashda (2)

November’s Okashda had a lot of common snacks found around Japan, though there is something to be said about the classics. This is the type of box that’s great for those who are just starting the subscription box game, and who would want to experience some of the more tame, classic goodies that are still delicious.

Okashda releases special edition boxes every few weeks, but if you’re interested in the subscription, click here to get it.

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