Snakku – October 2015 Review

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Snakku is one of the most authentic Japanese experiences you’ll ever have stateside. It’s a wonderful subscription box filled with small batch and artisan made snacks from Japan, and each has a history and story behind it. If you ever wanted a true, authentic taste of Japan that wasn’t filled with common mass-produced snacks, this box is for you. It’s truly one of a kind. The box does contain common snacks however the artisan snacks are truly the stars, as they choose a few snacks to focus on, and the boxes are slightly themed around the snacks, October’s being snacks from the island of Hokkaido.

They also released a mini sampler box which contains about half the snacks! Your first box comes wrapped in an authentic furoshiki too.

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Each Snakku box comes with a detailed info card that describes the items and where they came from. Each Snakku features a prominent snack each month and five “common” snacks.

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Kinotoya Milk Cookies
Made in Hokkaido, these are delicate, buttery little crispy cookies with a rich, almost comforting flavoring. These remind me a lot of the Danish butter cookies you can get in the blue tins, but these are significantly better – they’ve got a much deeper flavoring to them. Easy to savor.

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Shiroi Koibito (White Lover)
Award winning cookies for Hokkaido, with a cute little backstory: The story goes that while the snack founder was coming home from a day of skiing, it started to snow and he casually remarked, “it’s snowing white lovers.” This is a buttery, flaky, crispy cookie with a white chocolate slab inside.

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The white chocolate is the star here, it’s very, very creamy. Absolutely wonderful cookie.

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Sapporo Curry Senbei
Senbei is rice crackers so these are curry flavored rice cracker sticks. I’m not sure I’m crazy about these because they’re very spicy, it’s quite strong, but the flavor is quite different. They’re stronger than say, the soy flavored versions, so if you’re into those, you’d love these.

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Corn and rice snacks from Sapporo Ohdori Park, which are grilled and glazed with soy. These are crunchy, they have a stranger texture when compared with other crackers, like, they’re more like “corn puffs,” but with extra texture. The soy adds a strong flavoring to them but the gorn flavor is good.

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Pota Pota Yaki
Grilled rice crackers glazed with sugar soy sauce. It’s got a sweet kick from the sugar crystals which do take away the soy flavoring quite a bit. The cracker itself is dense, but airy at the same time. You expect it to be hollow inside.

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Northern Sable Eggs
Mmmm more buttery cookies! These are grilled cookies made with free range eggs, and they definitely have a fatty, eggy flavoring. They’re really delicious, definitely savory and very crunchy. These tend to get everywhere because they’re crispy and crumbly, but sooooo worth it.

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Bourbon Lubera
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh another buttery, crispy cookie! This one crumbles into a thousand pieces when eaten, but it’s absolutely delicious. It’s thing, crispy, ahhhh I can’t even describe how good this is. It’s different than the rest of the other cookies because it’s much richer.

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Puccho Cola Candy
Puccho is similar to Hi-chew in that it’s a chewy taffy style candy, but it also contains strings of liquid candy inside which burst when chewed. It tastes just like Coca-Cola. I pretty much love any anything cola flavored that comes out of Japan because it’s so unique.

Kinoko no Yama
Chocorooms! Crispy, crunchy mushroom shaped cookies with chocolate covered tops. The cookies taste a lot like graham crackers while the chocolate is milk with a good, flavoring.

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Snakku is one of the best Japanese Snack Boxes on the market, just because of how different and authentic everything is. You simply will not get most of these snacks in any other box, and that’s one of the many reasons why this is one of my favorite subscriptions. This one has probably been one of my most favorite of the many boxes I’ve tried, because of all the cookies and sweet goodies. I love the fact you learn more about Japanese snacks and culture with this sub too. It’s interactive, and all around special.

If you’re interested in Snakku, plans start at 14.99$, and you can get it by clicking here. I highly recommend this sub, you won’t regret it :D

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