Bocandy – October 2015 Review

Bocandy is a fun candy subscription that features international candies.

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15$ Per Month – Free US Shipping!
Ships Mid-Month via USPS

Bocandy is a nifty snack box that sends exclusively sweet snacks (slight hint to savory but usually sugary), from all over the world. Boxes don’t ship worldwide just yet. They do tend to feature some repeat brands or types at times, but otherwise the box is well done with nothing too “weird.” Bocandy ships both full size and sample size snacks, and are definitely one of the most diverse snack boxes on the market. The box has a sister collection for different types of jerky too.

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Each box comes with an info sheet that describes the items, their worth and country of origin.

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Kanjers – Stroopwafels
AHHH STROOPWAFELS! Stroopwafels are “cookies” with a waffle pattern, and a inner filling, like honey or caramel. One suggested way of eating is to let the wafel sit above a warm glass until it melts the filling, but you can eat it as is too. Normally I just eat it as is. It’s got a bit of a spice to it, like, the filling is spiced with cinnamon or something. Really delicious though, I love these things.

Milka ChocoWafer
I always love seeing Milka products in subscription boxes because we don’t get them in the states, but the chocolate is superbly creamy and decadent. This wafer is really crispy; it’s almost like a KitKat.


Kasugai Gummies
Ahhhhh kasugai gummies. Favorites of both me and D Lys for ages now. They’re an intensely flavored gummy candy that errs on the bit too chewy side, due to a high gelatin content.

Flower Hard Candies
Citrusy and slightly floral hard candies. They’re quite strong on their own but the card suggests that they’re more of a “palate cleansing,” type of candy, which I can agree with.

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Parle Krackjack
A cracker snack straight out of India, that tastes surprisingly like ritz crackers. They’re pegged as “sweet and salty,” but I taste more salty and buttery, like, almost greasy. They’re a light, crispy cracker, but just taste like square ritz. First time I’ve ever had an Indian snack though, pretty neat!

I spent the first ten minutes laughing at this product because “What the ever loving hell, spaghetti? Salsa flavored mango sweet gummy spaghetti?” This sounds like SUCH a conundrum, but yes, this product exists, and yes it tastes like spicy mangoes.

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Bocandy always surprises me because there’s always that one candy that I’d NEVER expect to ever try, and definitely have never heard of – this month was the salsagehtti, last month was the cactus licorice, geez. I do love that this box features all countries, it’s mostly sweet stuff, and you get an incredibly diverse selection of goodies.

If you’re interested in Bocandy, I highly recommend it if you want “something different,” the cost is 15$ per month and you can get it by clicking here.

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