NandemoBox – Kawaii Box November 2015 Review


Nandemobox is a monthly subscription service that offers two options: the Snacks Box and the Kawaii Box.  The Snacks Box costs $25/month and includes 8-12 snack and/or candy items.  The Kawaii Box costs $35/month and includes 6-8 kawaii items such as plushes, stickers, and accessories or useful items.  Both boxes offer discounts for longer subscriptions.

This is a review of November’s Kawaii Box. Above picture shows everything in this month’s box.


Each month’s box comes with super cute packaging. Look at those hearts!!


Each box comes with an information card detailing all of the items in the box. They’ve released their second mascot this month: Pii-chan (picture at the right corner of the card.) There is a featured item in each box. Two Rilakkuma Motto Nonbiri Neko Series items, which were released in October 2015, were included in this month’s box.


Sumikko Gurashi Embossed Jar – Sumikko Gurashi is my favorite, EVER! It’s a medium-sized (about 5.5″ tall) plastic jar with the outlines of several Sumikko Gurashi characters embossed on it.  Yay Tonkatsu and friends!!!  I like kawaii items that are also useful.

Sumikko Gurashi Neko Strap – OMG OMG! Another cute little guy to add to my Sumikko Gurashi collection! It’s about 3″ tall and comes with a strap that can be used to attach it to a bag or backpack. There is also a Zissou (the leaf guy) attached to the straps.

Gudetama Eco Bag – Did I mention I love Gudetama too? Oh I love whatever he does. The bag is made from recycled plastic and it measures about 16″ x 13″. Yet another incredebily cute and also useful item.


Here’s the jar outside the box.


Here’s a closeup of Neko and Zissou…


… and another one with Zissou and the strap detached so you can see them more clearly.


Here’s the bag removed from its case. Look at them!! Oooohhhh…


Iiwake-wan Stickers – You (I) can never have too many kawaii stickers! They are made of plastic.


Rilakkuma Nonbiri Neko Figure – This is one of the Rilakkuma Motto Nonbiri Neko Series items. It’s chosen at random out of 8 possible designs.  This one is Korilakkuma holding a miniature Rilakkuma.  It’s made of firm, but not completely rigid, plastic. Ah, Korilakkuma in his cat costume and tiny Rilakkuma~


Rilakkuma Nonbiri Neko Memo – This is the second item from Rilakkuma Motto Nonbiri Neko Series. It includes 4 pads, each one with a different design, and 6 erasers.  I don’t really need more stationery but I always like Rilakkuma stuff. This reminds of the Rilkkuma memo set from Kawaii box a few month ago, but I think it’s cuter since Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori are in their cat costumes!


Here are the pads…


..and here’s a close-up of the erasers.  I don’t think I’ll actually use them as erasers though, since they’re so cute.


Puccho Gummies – They’re cherry-flavored.  I’m not a big fan of cherry flavor (I like fresh cherries though). They are a little bit hard for gummies and kind of sour. Well, I like sour candies.

Overall, I like everything in this box! My favorite items are the Neko strap, the jar, the Gudetama bag, the Rilakkuma rement and the memo pads set. (Almost the whole box…) So far, I’ve been loving everything that Nandemobox sent. According to the boxes I have received and contents in their online shop, I think they feature mostly Sumikko Gurashi, Rilakkuma and Gudetama series. However, they have sent a couple of Hello Kitty, Ojipan and Totoro items before. Receiving Nandemobox kawaii box is definitedly one of my happiest moments each month.

If you are interested in Nandemobox, you can click here to get one.

Purchased. All opinions are my own and no compensation received.


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