24/7 Japanese Candy – October 2015 Review & Coupons

24/7 Japanese Candy is a brand new Japanese Snack Box that’s US based, and ships out lots of new, and limited edition snacks.

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24/7 Japanese Candy
11.95 – 34.95$ Per Month
Ships Mid-Month via USPS
Get 10% off with code FR10beejuboxes – exp. 12/31, first five people only
Get 15% off the shop with code REV15beejuboxes – exp. 10/31

24/7 Japanese Candy is a new snack box that features new candies from all over Asia, though it is predominately Japanese. There are three sizes in boxes; the mini is 11.95$ for 4-6 Full Size Snacks, the Original is 24.95$ for 8-10 Full Size Snacks and the Supreme is 34.95$ for 12+ Full Size Snacks. Each box is packed with both sweet and savory candies and chips, all full size, though there are bonus items that are sample sized, and both the Original and the Supreme may include a DIY kit. You can also buy items in their shop. 24/7 Japanese Candy also tastes tests everything they put into their boxes, so you’re never getting anything they wouldn’t personally endorse.

This review is of the Original October box.

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Each box comes with an info card that describes the items and lists the SKU in the event you want to purchase the items from their shop (apologies for the quality, not sure what happened there other than my camera spazzed out).

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Rilakkuma Strawberry Corn Puffs
Basically strawberry yogurt coated cereal puffs. REALLY GOOD THO. Nice and crunchy with a good strawberry flavoring.

Crayon Shin-Chan Namaiki Drink 5
Shin-Chan DIY kit where you make a kid friendly beer lookin beverage. The flavoring is actually cola though, and the cup is semi-collectible. I remember watching Shin-Chan years ago and I’m kind of surprised it’s still around – it’s incredibly vulgar, definitely not a kids cartoon. Honestly a kids beer seems appropriate for him. This did come with instructions on how to put the kit together too.

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Calbee Jagabee Potato Crisps
Very crunchy (almost to the point of being overdone) fry like potato chips with just a hint of salt. These are actually quite good – just very crunchy.

Onion Rings
KOREAN FUNYUNS! Very huge bag of them too (kudos on the size 24/7!)

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Hi-Chew Suppai-chew Sour Lemon
Ahhhhhhh easily one of my favorite candies in the box if not one of my top fave in general – this hi-chew is very tart and tangy and the sugar crystals make it even better. Basically like chewing on lemonade, but in a totally good acceptable texture kind of way.

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Caplico Ice Cream Cone Assortment
A large box of nine Caplico sticks, shaped like ice cream. There’s chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavorings. Each cone has the same texture as a regular ice cream cone, and the filling is airy, like bubbled up. If you’ve ever had an Aero bar, it’s the same texture.

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Ice Heim Frozen Yogurt
Ice cream cone style wafers with yogurt filling. You can eat these as is (I did), or store them in the fridge for a cooler treat – they’re great either way. The filling is very sweet, but it has a deep tartness to it. The wafers are very crumbly (as to be expected).

BAKE Tiramasu
I’m honestly so scared of BAKE products ever since I had their cheesecake version (cheesecake made with cheddar cheese…), and these are “okay.” Still retain quite of bit of that cheddar flavoring unfortunately. The chocolate is quite bitter so it does cut through it, but yeah… BAKE needs to quit with this cheese thing


Pure Gummy – Juicy Peach
Aww  yay! These were so good – very chewy with a mild peachy flavor that thankfully wasn’t too in your face. Quite sour, but really nice.

Kirby Mix ‘n Match Bubblegum
A mix of different bubblegums that you can mix together to form different flavors – apple, peach, cider, yogurt and naturally there’s a joke one. I thankfully haven’t found the joke gum yet but I’m sure that will be a fun experience >_>

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Umaibo – Bonus Snack (Cheese)
Umaibo are large, hollowed corn sticks that come in tons of different flavors, ranging from sweet to savory. The cheese one is more like a really sharp cheddar, but it’s not “bad.” It’s quite normal actually. Surprising since I normally don’t care much for Umaibo outside the Rusk flavoring.

Watapachi Grape Popping Cotton Candy
These are fun – cotton candy strip that’s embedded with pop rocks. Some of the pop rocks do settle in the bottom of the bag; if you know what’s good for you, you won’t inhale them all at once.

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24/7 Japanese Candy is definitely a fun box – in total there were eight full size snacks plus four bonus snacks (the Ice Heim Yogurt, Umaibo, and a ginger candy and cider hard candy), and for 24.95$ it’s a fairly decent value. The snacks you get a large in size, some are limited edition, and some are brand new flavors, in brands and types that are new and classic. I definitely think that 24/7 Japanese Candy is a good competitor in an already very large market.

Ahem, if you’re interested in 24/7 Japanese Candy, the cost starts at 11.95$ for the mini and goes up from there depending on size choice. Use code FR10beejuboxes to save 10%, but this code only works for the first five people. Click here to get a box.

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