Japan Yum – September 2015 Review & Coupon

Gracious. It’s a Japanese Snack Box!

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Japan Yum
25$ Per Month – Free Shipping!
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Japan Yum is a newer Japanese Snack Box that is US based. It sends out at least 8 snacks, mixture of full and sample, in a variety of savory and sweet. This particular box does teeter heavily on the salty/savory end of the spectrum, which not too many snack boxes – particularly Japanese ones – tend to do, (my theory being that sweet is universally easier to please than savory). This box also ships worldwide for a 10$ fee to Canada, 15$ to everywhere else.

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It does come with an info card that briefly describes the treats in the box.

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Cheesecake BAKE KitKats
These are some of the funnest KitKats to come out of Japan (well to be precise, all Japanese KitKats are fun simply because we don’t get them :I ), because you can either eat them as is, or bake them to have a creme brulee’ kind of effect. If you eat them as they are, the coating is extra thick and tastes like vanilla pudding.

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Coris Peach Gum
These gums are both fun and infuriating because two of these little balls are sweet, delicate and have good peach flavor, while the other sets off a nuke of sour devilishness. The catch is that you don’t know which one is the sour one either. Pure evil, these candies.

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Marukyo Funwariyaki
Gotta tell ya, not a fan of the red bean, especially chunky red bean. I do, however, really like the pancakes the red bean is shrouded in because they’re very soft, sweet, and incredibly fluffy. Do the pancakes come without filling?

Calbee Wheat Crackers
Oh Mayor Potato, you never cease to make me happy. I love Calbee snacks, they’re salty, sometimes they’re very sweet, they’re all around great snacks with a variety of shapes and flavors. These don’t really have a taste to them, they’re just salty crackers. Sometimes plain is better. :D

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Kaki no Tane
Crescent shaped senbei (rice crackers). These have a bit of a salty flavoring, probably from the soy sauce, but they’re not bad. Not something I’d actively reach for again, but not bad. Crunchy, salty, general crowd pleasing snack.

Baked Rice Crackers
These taste a lot like sweet croutons (TINY TOASTS). They have a saltiness to them but definitely a twinge of sweetness. They are a bit difficult on the teeth though, but baked rice crackers are notorious for being hard anyway, so no surprise there. I enjoyed these substantially more than I thought I would.


12 Grain Crispy Roll
An energy snack comprised of 12 different grains. This had no real flavoring to it, it’s just… kind of there. The grains don’t all come out in taste, though, but the flavor is very nondescript.

Dried Sardine Snack
There are certain things a gal will refuse to do out of principle, rights, or outright NOPE factor. This is a matter of outright NOPE factor. I tend not to like seafood anyway, but when something smells like my cats treats, I prefer to pass. My buddies at RLB RDB did do a taste test though, so click here for their reactions (you won’t regret it).

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That’s Japan Yum! For a 25$ box, I don’t know that it’s “there yet,” as far as perfecting their curation and procurement, I do absolutely believe that this box has great potential. There were several items that I thought were great, others that were just mediocre at best. Compared to other snack boxes, you do definitely get more for the same price tag, but all in all it’s a matter of personal preference. If you like saltier or savory snacks, or prefer getting them quicker (JY is US based) then give them a try. Personally I think given another month or two, this box will probably be wow inducing. Sometimes it just takes time – can’t always be perfect straight out of the gate.

If you’re interested in Japan Yum, the cost is 25$ but you can save 10% by using code BEEJU and clicking here. This box does ship worldwide for an increased shipping fee, but is free to the US.

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