Treats – September 2015 Review & Coupon

Treats is a newer snack based subscription that focuses on a different country each month. Septembers is Korea.

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12.95 – 24.95$ Per Month
Use code BEEJU15 for 15% off your first box!

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Treats is a fun subscription that focuses on a different country each month and supplies full size snacks from said country. This box is similar to Universal Yums in genre only; they both pick a different country and feature their snacks, but Treats is much more chocolate, and large portion oriented whereas UY is more nut and grain and sampler oriented. You do get a fairly even mix of sweet and savory. Treats definitely wins my heart with the Asian snacks.

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The info card they send shows the item, its name and brand, but if you want to learn about tastes or anything, you have to visit their website.

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Orion Choco Boy
Korean chocorooms, literally graham cracker stems with a chocolate covered top. The cookie on this is good, but tends to be a little dry. Other than that, fine little cookies.

Kancho Chocolate Biscuits
Ever had Koala’s March? Meet Koala’s March in Korean form. These are buttery, sweet little cookies with chocolate cream inside.

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Haitai Sweet Plum Candy
These are like… a hard candy, with a fruit striped chewy center? Does that make sense? They’re very soft and squishy. Very soothing actually, with a nice plum flavor, almost like a ripe berry.

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Lotte Choco-Pie
Treats was extra generous this month in sending four of these. These pies are literally the Korean version of the popular moon pie, which is two slices of cake, marshmallow cream and covered in chocolate.


Cosmos Hot Chicken Balls
I am afraid. o_o These are apparently chicken flavored corn puffs, like, hot wings. I don’t have the courage to try these or the next item, I mean, I like chicken and all but not this way.

Orion Cuttlefish Peanut Ball
You can literally hear the discontent in D Lys’ voice in our video review when I pulled this item out, it’s corn based snack made with actual cuttlefish. And other types of seafood. And peanuts. And ACTUAL CUTTLEFISH. What the heck Korea? D:

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Lotte Binch Chocolate Biscuits
Mmmmmm. Buttery, crispy cookies on one side, creamy, smooth milk chocolate on the other. I really liked these, the proportion of chocolate to cookie was just right.

Lotte Pepero – White Chocolate
The Korean version of pocky :D I actually prefer these to pocky in some instances; the frosting is much creamier and there’s a good cookie distribution. The stick part is more like a breadstick rather than a cookie. All around a good, solid snack.

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I really like Treats, mostly for the variety they put in their boxes, and the fact it’s all full size items. I really loved that plum candy and the binch this month, but those cuttlefish balls really have me questioning my desire for international snack foods… but I do have to give them props for their choice in including something that’s really unusual (well to an American palette, anyway).

If you’re interested in Treats, the cost is 12.95 for the mini and 24.95 for the full size (this review was of the full size). Click here to get it. Use code BEEJU15 to save 15%.

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  1. lol try the chicken balls, they’re good. i convinced my children to try the cuttlefish balls, they were not pleased with me. they would have been bomb without the fish with that peanut inside.

    1. Update: Tried the chicken balls. Definitely wasn’t as grossed out as anticipated. I imagine any kid would have thought they were being punished with the cuttlefish @_@ Heck I felt punished as an adult lol

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