DEKAbox – September 2015 Review & Giveaway

DEKAbox is the sister box to the classic Skoshbox, and features double the snacks.

skosh (7)Skoshbox DEKAbox
25$ Per Month – Free Shipping
Ships Early in Month via USPS

skosh (9)DEKAbox is a US based Japanese Snack Box that borders on the funner side of boxes rather than the traditional, as all the boxes are filled with cuter, more kid friendly items, all full sized. This box is the sister box to Skoshbox, one of the first Japanese subscriptions based in the US. Skoshbox and DEKAbox differ a few ways, besides the price (DEKA is double), but Skoshbox features more sampler items, and DEKAbox is always full size with the option to “upgrade” to a Kawaii item each month. Additionally, some of the snacks in the box are the same (it’s not worth having a subscription to both unless you like partial overlap). Skoshbox itself ships to the US and Canada, while DEKAbox is only available stateside.

skosh (8)Each box comes with an info card that describes the items inside, and their cost. Skoshbox also has a shop where you can buy the items you like.

skosh (5)Choco Flakes
I fully expected these to be better than they were; I mean we’re basically eating cocoa pebbles out of the bag here. Unfortunately, while these did have a deep chocolatey taste, the corn flake part of it was more than a little stale. The date on the package was good, I’m thinking this is just how these come packaged.

Assorted Fruit Gummies
Apple, Grape, and Peach gummies. Gummies aren’t all a dime-a-dozen in terms of familiarity; Japanese gummies tend to have more of an actual gummy flavor and texture. You taste more of the gelatin and the texture is a bit tougher than regular, American gummies. The bonus is that when you do get to the juice flavor, it does taste like actual fruit juice.

skosh (4)Wasabi Endo Mix
Wasabi flavored bean crackers. As you can imagine, hot as fire.

Maken Cola Gummies
Rock/Paper/Scissors Shaped gummies. there’s technically a fortune (I think that’s the word) with these types of candies, where you get good luck or bad luck or something depending on which random type of hand that you get. I could also be completely wrong here. Either way, this tastes exactly like Coca-Cola and has a good chewy texture.

skosh (3)Panda Corn Snacks
Puffy corn snacks. This tastes a lot like corn pops but without all the sugar. They’re a nice little pick me up style snack, I dig it.

Jagabee – Butter Shoyu
Ahhhh I think this is a pretty popular item in Japan right now because I’ve gotten it about 5 times over the last two months. Literally fry shaped potato pieces that are flavored with butter and soy sauce.

skosh (2)Line – Drops Candy
Character hard candies in apple and pineapple flavorings. I think I got pineapple – it’s got a deep, tangy flavoring to it.

Umaibo – Premium Cheese
Mozzarella cheese flavored Umaibo stick. This one is longer and wider than typical Umaibo sticks due to being special edition. It says it also has camembert cheese (the heck is that?) but all I taste is mozzarella powder.

skoshChelsea Yogurt Candy
Okay truth be told, I really don’t care for yogurt or yogurt flavored things because it’s usually WAY too tangy and sour (even with oreos and other candy paraphenalia). This however, this is rich, creamy and milky. It’s not the least bit sour, more sweet, like… ice cream maybe? It melts in your mouth like a hard candy. Do like.

KONPEEEEITOOOO. Konpeito are just hard sugar candies, normally served at tea ceremonies and the like. If you’ve ever had the rock candy that comes on wooden sticks, then you know what konpeito tastes like.

skosh (6)

Bonus item – Cat-Donut Squishy Keychain
CAT. DONUT. :3 If you pay an extra 2$, you’ll get a bonus accessory item in your DEKAbox, usually a kawaii item of some type. This months bonus item was a cat donut in various colors. It’s SO cute and made of a rubbery material. I love the little pointed ears.

skosh (10)DEKAbox sure is cute and perky – the items aren’t of the “weird” or “what the heck man” variety, everything is current, and I love the fact you can get a bonus accessory (to my knowledge no other box does that at the moment). If you’re interested in DEKAbox, the cost is 25$ per month and you can get one by clicking here. Skoshbox, DEKAbox’s sibling, is 12$ per month.

The fine folks at Skoshbox have offered to give one lucky winner a DEKAbox! All you have to do is enter via the widget below (US only – they don’t ship worldwide). Ends 10/5, void where prohibited.

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  1. I’m subscribed to three boxes! Two are makeup and one is an international candy box. My favorite international snack is the kinder hippos

  2. There are so many options as far as snack boxes these days! It’s kinda overwhelming and I don’t currently subscribe to one (I get too many other boxes right now, mostly beauty stuff). This one looks fun though – I love that it comes with a cute item! One of my favorite snacks is Haribo cola gummies!

  3. I have subscribed to nature box for a bit, but not anymore (I’m kinda broke now). But I always read reviews or get up to speed on other subscription boxes online :). There were these asian munchies my local asian market used to have in stock and I completely forgot the brand and name of the snack :(

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