Okashi Connection – August 2015 Review & Coupon

You’re probably thinking by now, “Beeju, honey, it’s late September, don’t you have September reviews to do?” Yes, yes I do, I have over 40 boxes sitting on my kitchen table to the chagrin of my housemates and startling amusement to my cats, but let’s take a moment to reflect on a box we’ve not reviewed nearly as often as we should here at BeejuBoxes – Okashi Connection.

okashiOkashi Connection
22$ Per Month – Free Worldwide Shipping!
Ships Early in Month Directly from Japan
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okashi (2)Okashi Connection has undergone a bit of a facelift the last couple of months – they got all new boxes, actually started including info cards (previously you had to go to a password protected blog post), and started sending more limited edition snacks. Okashi Connection also offers EMS shipping for an increased price, and an add on pack… or well, they had been but they didn’t offer one this month. The add on packs normally consist on ultra LE pocky flavors or full bags of kitkats.

This is one of the older boxes in terms of age as a subscription service, debuting early last Spring.

okashi (4) okashi (5)Each box comes with an info booklet describing the items inside. The book can definitely be a little hard on the eyes with the elaborate background, but I prefer the booklet to their blog post. Not that it wasn’t a fine blog post, cause it was, it’s just easier to always have a pamphlet on hand in my experience (especially as a reviewer).

okashi (7)Choco Chip Cookies
Japanese mini Chocolate Chip Cookies. You know what these taste like? Cookie Crisp cereal if they ever did a pumpkin spice version.

okashi (9)GariBori Shoyu Ramen
When I first read the name of this I legit thought that Gary Busey was endorsing a ramen package – no joke. I dig Gary Busey, and endorsing ramen is something I could totally see him doing. This is a ramen that you eat straight out of the package, and Shoyu means soy sauce flavored.

Cherry Hard Candies
These are hard candies that instantly bring me back to the olden days where my mama would have to pin me down to get me to take my cough syrup (tonsils made me a habitually sick kid). These have a deep cherry flavor that’s incredibly reminiscent of a cough drop.

okashi (10)Maken Gumi Grape
This has been in Okashi Connection before but I can’t remember the flavoring. These remind me of those sticky hands you’d get out of vending machines. Same texture and feel, vastly different taste (I assume).

Sakeru Gumi: Dragonfruit and Flat Lemon
I like the flavors of this, it’s got a really tangy bite to it, but I don’t care for the weird pull apart texture.

okashi (11)Pucchibi Chewy Candy: Grape and Cider
Mmmmm. These have the size of a jelly bean, the texture of gum (with zero lasting power), and the flavor of a full bottle of Sprite – at least in the cider’s case. These are like, a perfect little snack for those awkward times without gum.

Meiji Torotto Strawberry

okashi (8)Koala March Cotton Candy
A limited edition Summer flavor unfortunately, because these are absolutely amazing. I inhaled these as soon as I opened them. While they say cotton candy, they don’t really have the cotton candy flavoring, just more like a whipped milky texture with a very sweet vanilla filling.

PRETZ Hawaiian Pineapple
Pretz has been into the international thing this Summer with the different pretz flavors all being from a different county (yes the Canadian ones are appropriately maple flavored), but these sorta taste like a pretzel dipped in pineapple juice. I’m just not sure if I’m really that into these.

okashi (6)Karitto Florentine Cookies
Almond cookies. I’m sure these are wonderful but an almond allergy prevents me from trying them.

Shiawase Butter Chips
YESSSS I absolutely love these things. I originally tried them a few months earlier in a TokyoTreat box, and they’ve become some of my most favorite chips ever, to the point that I literally ordered 30 bags at one time. These are flavored with “butter, honey, parsley and mascarpone cheese,” but all I taste is the butter and honey. These are deliciously decadent chips, and I wish they were still readily available.

okashi (3)That’s Okashi Connection. I’ve been getting this box well over a year now and I’ve always loved it, even if some of the items weren’t my favorite or were things I’d pick out myself. I loved probably 80% of this box and that’s a win for me. One of my favorite things about this box is that they do put fairly heavy emphasis on limited edition flavors and/or hard to find items.

If you’re interested in Okashi Connection, the cost is 22$ per month and they do ship worldwide. Use code beejuboxes as a referral for 1$ off. Click here to get one.

Purchased. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.


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