BoxFromJapan – August 2015 Review

Box From Japan is a brand new Japanese Snack Box that just launched. What makes these guys different is they also have a sister subscription focused on authentic ramen bowls.

bfj (8)Box From Japan
33$ Per Month – Free Shipping!
Ships Worldwide from Japan

Couple of things about this box: the site starts off in Spanish but can be changed to English. It contains two subscriptions, the snacks/candy and ramen (25$ per month). The candy subscription contains two DIY kits and a collectible, and 20 different snacks of varying type and size.

BFJCARDEach box comes with an info sheet that shows the item and its name. This month had a special mini ramen – work fork! :D

bfj (3)Orion Mini Cola
Itty bitty Cola shaped tub with cola flavored chalky candies inside. These were a bit harder and melted in your mouth, sort of like breathmints.

These taste exactly like sixlets. Tiny, crunchy, chocolatey.

bfjUmaibo – Takoyaki Flavor
Umaibo are giant hollowed out corn puffs that come in like 100 different flavors. This one is Takoyaki flavored. Takoyaki is named for the style of pan it’s cooked in; it’s a wheat ball typically filled with minced octopus.

Caplicocot – Green Tea
Caplicocot is airy, green tea flavored whipped chocolate that literally melts in your mouth. Its got a nice balance of sour and sweet.

bfj2 (5)Pochi Gamu
Gum and cards from the series PreCure… which I’ve never seen but have always wanted to. The gum is fruit flavored.

Very thin sweet potato sticks. These have a very strong, spicy taste to them that’s … not that pleasant to be honest lol. Chili flavor is one thing but you take something that’s naturally sweet like sweet potatoes and it just makes this odd combination.

Baby Star Ramen
Baby Star is a popular brand of ramen noodles that are already cooked and seasoned, just hardened. You eat them straight out of the bag, like chips. These don’t have any specific flavor, but are quite crunchy.

bfj2 (2)Kurukuru Takoyaki
Each box contains two DIY kits, and this one is “Takoyaki,” which simulates how it’s cooked by street vendors in Japan.

NeruNeru Nerunune
A common DIY kit meant to resemble cotton candy. The texture ends up being really thick, but pliable and sticky.

bfj (6)Pineapple Whistle Candy
Hollow whistle rings that are pineapple flavored. They’re pretty chalky too, but good! The box also contains a little “prize” that varies.

PuchiPuchi Uranai
These taste exactly like the chocolates that are in the pen, only slightly larger. These are a bit more chocolatey.

bfj2 (3)Corn Potage Soup Puffs
Oh gosh, I am not a fan of corn potage because of the strong spices it often presents, and these puffs are no exception. If you like strong corn flavor with a hit of herbs, you will love these things. They have a cheeto style texture as far as puffs go too.

Itty bitty soy flavored rice crackers!

bfj (5)Yakinikusan
A jerky strip of flavored meat. I don’t have the courage to try this because it has a strong scent in the package but it has a tough texture to it.

Big Katsu
Pork cutlet flavored jerky.

bfj2 (4)Rilakkuma Capucho
Rilakkuma shaped cookies, these are strawberry flavored.

Butamen Tonkotsu Ramen
Eyyy a mini ramen bowl! It even came with a spork :D

bfj (2)Sakuranbo
Cherry flavored Mochi candies. These have a very chewy texture to them with a strong strawberry flavor. Id almost say they’re like a gum, they’re that chewy.

Little Bobdog
Ramune flavored candy sticks. These are very chalky too, but good. They have a mild Ramune flavoring to them. I actually wish I had a bunch more of these..

bfj (4)Special Gift – Dessert Shaped Eraser
Each box comes with a special gift each month, and this months was this adorable strawberry cake eraser that I just can’t bear to use because TOO CUTE.

bfj (7)So that’s Box From Japan! It had a good mix of items I hadn’t tried before and items I’ve had numerous times, plus ramen, which is something subscription boxes just don’t send. My favorite items have to be the Ramune sticks and the dessert eraser – just WAY too cute to use! I haven’t seen a candy/snack box yet that sends such specific types of savory items, such as the jerkies and the little ramen bowl; definitely unique. If you’re looking for an equal variety of items (plus ramen!) then I recommend Box From Japan.

If you’re interested in Box From Japan, the cost for the candy box is 33$, but they also have a Ramen option for 25$. Each snack box has 20 items, 2 DIY kits and a special gift. Click here to read more about them.

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