New Box Alert – Neko Snacks

UPDATED – Be wary of this box. Scroll to comments to see why.
Neko Snacks is a brand new Asian Snack Box (another one!) that literally just launched.


nekosnacksNeko Snacks just launched a subscription featuring all sorts of Asian snacks and candies for a fairly low price, easily one of the lowest on the market, especially once you factor in the fact it sends a drink and a freebie.

nekoI mean look at that, 15$ for 11-13 items, a gift, and a drink? Color me skeptical but if this delivers the way I think it will, it has the potential to change the entire landscape of what can be expected out of the snack boxes (which is so cutthroat now good gracious). The box will feature both full size and sample size snacks and candies. They also customize the box to your specific allergy, if they can.

If you’re interested in NekoSnacks, the cost is between 10-15$ per month, coupon code IG1FAN will get you 15% off, and you can get one by clicking here.

Images belong to NekoSnacks.


Beeju owns this joint. She's got a Master's degree in Media Communications and Marketing and does a lot of website stuff which usually breaks it. Also cats.
  1. This sounds promising! I’m still following your blogs on everything because… awesome! But money is a little tight right now so no sub boxes of any kind for me. If you’ve signed up for this one, I eagerly await your blog on it! :)

    1. Yeah I get ya, I’ll probably scale back for September and save up cause I want to take advantage of the Winter boxes (like popsugar and FFF). I am getting this one to review :D I may just subscribe to this one if it impresses me as much as I think it will

  2. Wow, i just stopped subscribing to tokyotreat because the premium box was a bit too much for me right now, but this one seems so tempting! And free shipping worldwide, can’t ask for more! :D
    I’ll sure give it a try.

    1. TokyoTreat is definitely on the “high” end of the spectrum as far as price goes, but if a box that’s less than half the price can outdo them then, what’s that mean for TokyoTreat? ;) I just hope that 15$ price tag isn’t a typo.

  3. I am so happy you gave us a heads up on this one! I live in Belgium and was looking for a snack box that wasn’nt too expensive + shipping cost to Belgium are hell. They Always ask between $6 and $15 a piece and be honest, paying $35 for a medium snack box is too expensive. But now I gave this one a try. I hope they won’t change their prices after this first round!

    1. 35$ for a snack box is very excessive, especially when you can get this one that’s much cheaper. The difference between this one and TokyoTreat is that TokyoTreat is all full size, Neko Snacks is both full and sample size items, with no clear differentiation between which is more yet. I really hope the prices arent typos either lol

  4. This box is nowhere near worth $10. After waiting several months, I got a big box, but inside was a small can of melon soda, two small packets of Hello Panda cookies and a handful of single sours and pieces of gum.

  5. My box was the same as the previous commenter’s. :O( No “full size” items, other than maybe the drink. It’s like they got bags of dollar store items and dispersed them to subscribers. No “gift”. You can’t log in to the site to cancel (as the site suggests) and so far no response to the ‘contact us’ form I filled out twice asking for a reply to my cancellation request. Booooo!

    1. The accounts don’t work either? Can you reset the password and try to login that way? I’d hate to say it but if you get charged again, I’d probably consider calling the bank and having a stop put on that card so it cannot be charged. The few times I’ve contacted them, they never replied quickly, but they did eventually reply after a week or so. I imagine they’re probably swamped with all of these e-mails.

    2. I got my debut box today, was very disappointed not worth the money for the premium. You can cancel via the website if you log into your account, click on my subscriptions and on that page you can directly cancel. After you cancel you’ll get an email confirmation.

  6. I got this box, as well, and it’s atrocious. I don’t even think there is $3 worth of product in there. The packaging was horrible, and one of my tiny pieces of candy was open. It sucks that they already charged me for September, so I have one more of these to get. I was able to cancel, though, it’s almost impossible to find the login button.

  7. Didn’t get my box yet but since they are charging again on the 5th of october, I already cancelled my subscription.
    I already know that I’m going to be dissapointed reading the comments above..

  8. OMG this box was horrible! Since it sounded so promising I subscribed for the premium one. Hearing from others what they received in their mini box, there is almost no difference. I received two small panda cookie satchels and a handfull of single candies. I’m very angry that what they promised doesn’t seem to match what they send. I, for one, don’t see any full sized candies, let alone anything I’d enjoy eating. This was a very big dissapointment.

    1. They removed that line about the free gift shortly before they missed their shipping deadline unfortunately. Do you mind if I link the review in the snack box list?

    2. You did better than me. I ordered the $12 box and only got 5 little candies and a 8 oz can of some nasty tea. Oh, and the 2 crushed Hello Panda packets.

  9. I canceled my account with them today. I sincerely hope this month’s boxes are better. I hope that I receive a box at all! I have a strong suspicion that they will end up taking my $15 for the premium box and just not sending it out to me.

    1. You can cancel account? I have not able to find something like that and I haven’t been able to find the “REMOVE MY CARD FROM MY ACCOUNT AND FROM YOUR DATABASE” button either.

  10. They hide the way you cancel. You have to click on “subscribe now” at the top and then find the very tiny and light colored line that says “already have a subscription”,

  11. Just got my box. One soda. Two packs of crushed pandas and 14 candies. And it was stuffed in a little tiny box although I took de biggest box they have. Really dissapointed..

    1. I noticed a lot of people got theirs few items in big boxes too. If this site is giving out such few items due to not having the proper start up money, why waste money on needlessly large boxes? Why not send out appropriately sized packaging? A packing envelope would be more appropriate. I just don’t understand.

      1. With the Premium Subscription you get your junk in a huge box. With a regular subscription you get the same crap in a small box. That’s the advantage to upgrading ;)

  12. Pretty sure NekoSnacks also has a online store call EsperanzaBowtique in which they had heavily advertised NekoSnacks on. Perhaps if anyone cannot contact the owners of NekoSnacks, there too? They are from Florida as well and haven’t kept up with their Instagram page in a while. They seem to have a subscription box.

    1. It does appear that the two have a lot in common. I have tried sending them at least 5 emails, but to no avail. I will have to try messaging them. Hard to believe they have another business when they are doing such a crappy job with this one.

    2. I see they have options to DONATE to the site! The Esperanza one? I sure hope that they aren’t the same company. Either they are not actually receiving any donations or they aren’t using them for their Nekosnacks. That makes me angry. They have no reason to be so greedy with their portions when they went and opened another site!

    3. This just keeps getting more convoluted. :/ I’m completely disappointed right now, this is not how you run a business – any business. Seriously, don’t advertise a new venture if you don’t have the merchandise to back it up.

  13. The other thing is, by waiting 2 months to ship, they were able to charge subscribers for another month before they saw the first shipment. Now their website says “We are currently having a delay in shipping. Boxes will be shipped as soon as possible. Hopefully this week/weekend!” which gives them the opportunity to charge for a third month, since boxes were supposed to be shipped Sept, 25th. and their Oct billing takes place tomorrow.

  14. I am going today to cancel my order with the bank and get my money back. I have not received an October box yet and it is November!

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