Betoyo Bento – June 2015 Review

Betoyo Bento is a box full of anime collectibles, with a random food item for good measure.

bb5Betoyo Bento
38$ Per Month
Ships Directly from Hong Kong

bb2Betoyo Bento is one of those boxes that fills a specific niche in geek culture. It sends only anime themed collectibles, from both new, older, and exceedingly popular and obscure shows. There is no info card, but you do get a tracking number as the box ships directly from Hong Kong. It took maybe 2 weeks to arrive, so fairly quick given its mileage.

A little note before we continue – the video review below features an unboxing of this and at the time I didn’t know names or animes of some of the items.

bb3Pokemon Gachapon
Gachapon are little mystery capsules filled with all sorts of things. We know them here normally as like, little coin turner machines with fake rings and tiny plastic toys, but the ones in Japan are typically much larger and filled with various little collectibles and candies. I mean Japan has all sorts of neat stuff, like vending machines for eggs. The gachapon I got was from the series Pokemon, notably the newest version X and Y. It’s a Fennikin magnet. It proudly sits on my fridge. I loved this little guy when I played the ever loving hell out of the Pokemon games a few years back.

Tohato Strawberry Filled Waffles
Chocolate waffles with strawberry cream in the center, can’t get any better than that.

bbb4Gundam Seed Destiny – Talia Gladys Figure
This was originally a mystery box and I managed to get Talia. I need to watch this series but I’m on all of episode five of the first Gundam Seed. I’m more a Gundam Wing type of gal. Gundam Seed Destiny teeters a bit on the older side as far as age goes, but Gundam is one of those series that’s always relevant because of its numerous spinoffs. This is a super well made figure, heavy duty and easy to assemble, with two interchangeable heads, one of which is on her lap – lapse in supreme judgement there as this character sort of dies in the show. This is why we do our research, kids.

Sword Art Online 2 Character Fan
I don’t know this show, but I know she’s a gunner character. The fan is well made at least. It reminds me of those religious fans the church gives you. SAOII is fairly newish – it’s making the rounds in its English adaptation on Toonami currently.

bbKnights of Sidonia – Shizuka Hoshijiro Figure
This is a large figure of a semi-newish anime series that debuted in 2013, Knights of Sidonia. I have zero idea what has happened to this poor girl or why she has multiple tentacles (not assembled because I can’t read Japanese or pictures, apparently), but at least her face is cute? One of the tentacles appears to also be sporting a sharpie.

bb6She is incredibly well made, but considering I know jack about this series, the novelty is lost on me. It’s more of a sci-fi fantasy type of series, not necessarily my cup of tea, though the animation looks gorgeous.

bb1I cancelled my subscription after this box, not that it was necessarily a bad box, but I don’t recognize most of these characters/shows, and if I’m going to gamble close to 40$ on a box, I want to be wowed. That being said, I do like the nature of the collectibles. Getting two rather large figures – one of which being a mystery box – is a definite bonus, especially to serious collectors. The fan just seems kinda “eh” and the gachapon is always fun, a little taste of Asian culture there.

Betoyo Bento is definitely not a bad box by any means, I think I’m just out of the age demographic for it. I used to watch anime quite often in my younger years, but lately my days are spent watching the news and looking at cat videos.

If you’re interested in Betoyo Bento, the cost is 38$ per month and you can sign up by clicking here.

Video Review:

Purchased. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.


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    1. They have vending machines for practically everything over there, eggs, hot drinks, undergarments, anything you can think of! It’s really fascinating :D

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