30 Days of Candy – Box 1 Review

30 Days of Candy is a new snack box that features candy from all over the world.

c130 Days of Candy
29.95$ Per Month
Ships via FedEx

c230 Days of Candy has a bit of a unique vibe to it and everything about this box screams “wow these guys went above and beyond for this,” because it’s incredibly thorough and “makes learning fun.” As if it weren’t fun already. Psh.

30 Days of Candy works a bit differently than most other subscriptions; instead of getting say, the “July” box, if you subscribed today, you’d get box 1 in the series. Regardless of when you subscribe or how many boxes are released, you’ll always start at box 1. The reason for this, according to 30 Days of Candy, is because the sequence is basically one long story arc told through candy, so pay attention ;) Box 1 is titled “Around the World in 30 Sweets.”

The short version is they sent 30 different candies in this box. Seriously. You read that right.

c3It doesn’t come with an info card, well, that’s not entirely true – there are info cards attached to individual candies. The box comes with a handful of each candy, each from a different country, and it also describes the candy and a quip about that country as well as calorie information.

c4The cards come out like this, each describing a different company and country. There are dividers in the box that separate each stack of cards by five.

c5There’s enough candy in each bag to get a sense of it too (side note, I’ve never tried Bit-O-Honey, suddenly I feel very unAmerican).

c14The back of the cards contain beautiful artwork and old proverbs, poems, sayings and quotes from each respective country. Naturally I drifted toward South Korea (would you expect anything less from me?).

c10England – Walkers English Creamy Toffee Bites
Singapore – Meiji Hello Panda Cookies
Taiwan – Hi-Chew
Argentina – Arcor Fruit Taffy
Finland – Fazer Candies (Peppermint and Chocolate Caramel)
I’m a bit biased, my favorite set in this one is the hi-chew cause come on – it’s hi-chew. Taiwan, Japan and Korea manufacture their own versions of hi-chew.

c7Malaysia – OKIO Gummies
Morocco – Fresch Breath Mints
Latvia – Laima Hazlenut and Praline Chocolates
Thailand – Kopiko Coffee Candies
Spain – Chuppa Chups Suckers
Japan – Matcha KitKat

c8I had no idea that chuppa chups were Spanish? There were one of my favorite things from my childhood. Obviously I’m thrilled that they chose to go with KitKats as the representative Japanese item, and matcha ones at that. Quite fitting.

c9Germany – Hirsch Fruits Basket Taffies
Netherlands – Perfetti van Melle Eggnog Toffees
Russia – Mishka Kosolapy Milk Chocolate Almond Praline Wafers
Poland – Little Cow Cream Fudge
Sweden – Daim Milk Chocolate Almond Butter Toffee Bar
China – White Rabbit Milk Taffy

c11Definitely liked the Polish little cow fudge the best. It was super creamy and tasted just like vanilla fudge, almost like eating a vanilla flavored tootsie roll.

c17Belgium – Napoleon Bon Bons
Italy – Spicchi di Sorrento (hard chocolate candies)
Turkey – Haribo Gummy Bears
Norway – Black Licorice
Canada – Sixlets
Ukraine – Roshen Gummies

c18 I had no idea sixlets were Canadian. Somehow I knew licorice would make it into this box.

c15Indonesia – Mikita Milk Hard Candies
France – Jordan Almonds
Austria – PEZ (with Mickey Dispenser!)
Ireland – Jelly Beans
I dig jelly beans. The Milkita is good too, though the strong vanilla flavor takes some getting used to.

c13This box was incredibly fun, from all the bright colors and lessons about the country and its candy makers, to the quotes/sayings/artworks on the back to the candy itself. This box was an experience I haven’t had before. Everything in it is so thoughtful and it truly takes you on a journey around the world. Though many of these candies were familiar, there were some that I wasn’t aware of, and some that were very brand new. I sort of like that the candies went with a theme of “hard candy/gummy,” too, making them portable and having a bit of a longer shelf life. Plus come on, 30 different candies – can’t go wrong there.

If you’re interested in 30 Days of Candy, you can get your first box (this box) by clicking here. They also offer one time options.

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  1. I’ve stayed away from food boxes because I can’t control myself. I would eat ALL the box in one sitting most likely. But this one is tempting! VERY TEMPTING! Are you going to get another one? Can I live vicariously through you?

    1. It is an insanely heavy box while being really obscurely sized, and since they ship through FedEx I’m sure that jacks up the rates a bit lol

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