TokyoTreat – June 2015 Review & Coupon

TokyoTreat is a new snack box hailing straight from Japan. Big doesn’t even accurately describe this box.

Small – 14.99$ Per Month

Regular – 24.99$ Per Month
Premium – 34.99$ Per Month
Use code beejuboxes for 20% off your first box – Exp. 5/31
Use code beejuboxes201506 for 15% off your first box – Exp. 6/30

tt5TokyoTreat is a new Japanese Snack Box that sends between 5-15+ snacks depending on the size of the box you choose. All the snacks are authentic, and sourced locally. Each box also contains a drink and usually an even ratio of sweet to savory, though this month they went a little sweeter. The boxes ship worldwide directly from Japan so there is a bit of a wait there because of customs.

tt3Each box contains an info card divided into columns. The first column denotes which treats you’d get if you purchased the small box, middle column for regular box, and so on. Usually the drinks are in the Premium option. The card describes the items inside and their flavors, since not all treats are necessarily clear on that (I once ate a shrimp chip without know it was one, don’t recommend it).

tt6Calbee “Happiness” Honey Butter Chips
These should be named “where have you been all my life,” because these are easily the best chips I’ve ever had in recent memory (besides the ridged butter ones anyway). They’re light, crispy, and buttery with just the tiniest twinge of sweetness at the end. Apparently these are a pretty hot commodity and I am suddenly upset because that means getting them is going to be a bit on the difficult side. Grr.

tt19Meiji “Gumichoco Strawberries”
Chocolate covered strawberry gummies. They look and feel like chocolate covered raisins with their glossy shell, but I’m not entirely convinced these go together. The chocolate is super creamy and the strawberry flavor is pronounced but I don’t know if these are complimentary textures. The taste is great overall.

tt9Disney Chocolate Cream Biscuits
Wheat cookies with a chocolate spread. These taste exactly like the Keebler cookies that are two elves smooshed together with chocolate. The cookie kind of overpowers the chocolate but they’re definitely good. The wheat flavoring isn’t quite there, it’s more of a graham cracker without so much brown sugar, but the cookies are crispy and thick.

tt14Punifuwa “Happy Kitty Peach”
Kitty paw shaped peach flavored gummies! The peach flavor is kind of muted, but it tastes good, has great gummy chew. Like, think gummy bears but chewier. These also come out of the package covered in a fine sugar, but it doesn’t add much flavor. What got me is how these feel and look so similar to a cats paw, it’s kind of eerie.

tt12Apple Sweet Soft Candy DIY Kit
Ahhhh I want to do this one! Doing these is simply disastrous for me though, so I’d rather save it for someone with decidedly more skill and dexterity. I really love candy apples though and it seems easy enough; dip the apple candy in the gel coating, cover with sprinkles and eat.

tt10Mochi and Soda DIY Kit
With this kit you can make “super sweet soda flavored mochi!” Another unique kit :D These kits are usually between 2-4 steps, where they provide all the materials, you provide the water (typically it’s water sometimes you don’t have to add anything). These kits are very hands on and incredibly kid friendly.

tt17Uji Matcha Choco
Matcha powder covered chocolate. These also have a “uniquely colored inside,” though I’m not a big fan of matcha so I’m saving these for D Lys. They kind of look like peas still in the pod.

tt18Baked Cheesecake KitKat
Also known as a “Creme Brulee KitKat.” One of the many things Japan is known for is its KitKat, Oreo, and basically Nestle cheaping out on the rest of the world with its exclusive flavors. These have a rich, deep vanilla flavoring and a thicker chocolate coating than other kitkats. You can also “bake” them to give them a creme brulee’ effect, which just makes the top crispy.

tt16“Sherbert Perot Grape!” Lollipops
It’s a lolli that you dip into a powder in the bottom of the bag, like, FunDip but without the chalky stick. The lolli and powder both have a deep grape flavor. There’s also a grape on the package noming the grape lolli (cannibalism? D: ). Mmm. Grapes.

tt21Black Thunder Bar
The cousin to what is easily one of my favorite candy bars ever, Big Thunder, this bar is a chocolate and peanut version. It has large chunks of peanut and the chocolate is kind of airy, with a melt-in-your-mouth creamy texture.

tt13“Pokemon Karipori”
This is easily the most surprising candy I’ve ever tried. It’s a stick snack, but it legit tastes like carbonated orange and grape soda. Like, I can’t get over the carbonation effect, but it’s a solid!? The card says these are hard outside with a gummy inside but they seem to be completely solid and sugary. Definitely delicious but I wasn’t expecting the experience. Do like.

tt15Lotte “One Tab” Chocolate Bar
An insanely pretty chocolate bar made with almonds and raisins. I can’t have it because of the almonds, but Lotte makes excellent chocolate, it’s some of the smoothest and creamiest you’ll ever try.

tt8Cheese Wheels
I see you, little cat thing that hangs out on all the Umaibo packages… these wheels look kind of like onion rings but have a really deep cheddar cheese flavoring with some other random sharp cheeses mixed in. Kind of like really crunchy cheese puffs.

tt7Sangaria’s “Mikkuchuju-chu”
A carbonated fruit juice containing orange, apple, pineapple, peach and banana flavor. It’s absolutely delicious cold, and tastes incredibly fruity. I want to liken it to V8 juice, but with a more pronounced apple flavoring and lots of bubbles. Think sparkling fruit juice.

Konjac Jelly Apple Standing
Konjac jelly, the root of which is a health staple in Japan. It tastes like apple jello with a hint of something extra, like, earthy. I don’t know that I enjoy jello through a pouch, it’s definitely a new concept.

tt20Super Mario World 2 3D Chocolate Egg
This was one of the many spoiler items for this box, and it’s a giant egg that carries a capsule inside which then carries a prize. Kind of like Kinder eggs (we can’t get them here in the US yet as far as I remember).

tt11I got a ? block with a cherry. I’ve not played this particular iteration of Super Mario Bros, but this block is mighty cute. There are 11 total possibilities. The chocolate egg itself is not the best quality, in fact it tastes kind of bland, maybe a bit chalky. I literally hulked the egg open, so that was fun. We do enjoy smashing things.

tt1Another successful box from TokyoTreat! I absolutely ADORE those butter chips and in general I love the variety of items they sent; lotte chocolate bars, thunders, disney, kitkats, all of these are staples in Japan. There’s also things in this box I’d never tried before, like those chocolate gummies and the pokemon sticks (which confuse me more than anything but in a good way). I love when a box surprises me, and TokyoTreat definitely delivers the surprise factor.

There’s still time to get in on this box – you have until 5/31 to sign up for June’s, and you can use code beejuboxes for 20% off your first box – works on any size plan! This coupon expires 5/31 when it reduces in value so if you’ve been on the fence about this box, don’t wait.

PR Sample. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.


Beeju owns this joint. She's got a Master's degree in Media Communications and Marketing and does a lot of website stuff which usually breaks it. Also cats.
    1. I wish I could be in Tokyo and the US at the same time, that’d be neat (and save me a lot of money lol). If you do get it, I hope you like it as much as I did :D

    1. Every time I’ve tried a DIY kit, it’s been 100% disastrous so I donate them to a church group that does activities with kids. @_@ It’s cute to watch them and they can eat what they make! I actually ordered 10 of those butter chips this morning, the need was TOO GREAT. (you’ll love this box I promise lol)

        1. I’m totally of the belief that sometimes it’s perfectly okay to indulge. ;3 I try everything before I do a review (unless it’s explicitly something I don’t like) but in general there’s more than enough to last a month with moderation :D The items are all usually fresh with a long shelf life too. :D I can’t wait for my chips to ship lol..

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