Gypsy Trading Company Snacks Review

Gypsy Trading Company Snacks is a newer box, debuting this past February, that is similar to MunchPak in the fact that it sends out snacks from all over the world. Most of those snacks just happen to be Asian (with a random Austrian Peanut Butter Bon Bon for good measure).

gypsyboxGypsy Trading Company Snacks
20$+ 3$ Flat Rate Shipping (Regular)
28$+ 3$ Flat Rate Shipping (XL)

GTC works a little differently. You can choose to have a regular month-to-month subscription, or just buy a one time box as a trial run. There are two options, a smaller box or a larger “XL” box that contains at least two drinks. I purchased the XL no-commitment option and they sent the box out same day, in a priority flat rate box. I don’t know if the regular subscription arrives in a different box. You can also use paypal, so that’s neat.

Teeeeeeny tiny little annoyance though, their website is so flash/java heavy that I literally put this box in my cart 14 times. :I Another teeny annoyance is they used newspapers as packing material, which I totally don’t mind, but they stuck to everything. EVERYTHING. I was still pulling newspaper shredding off my cat 2 hours later.

gypsycardSince this was a one-time purchase it didn’t come with an info card. Get ready kids, we’re gonna royally mess up names HAVE SOME FUN (they do have a database of snacks but it is no where near complete)

gyp10Umeboshi Potato Sticks (Plum Flavored Potato Sticks)
The plum is super mild and the sticks are as greasy as potato sticks are expected to be.

Pretty Cure Heart Snacks
I’ve never seen pretty cure (it’s a wee bit to shoujo for my tastes) but these puffs look like hearts and come in pink and white. The pink tastes just like strawberry! The white… well at first they tasted sweet until the residual pink dust wore off to reveal some really odd flavoring. Turns out it’s cheese. Strawberries and cheese.

gyp6Lotte Choco Pie
Literally Japanese Moon Pie’s. Just marshmallow filled chocolate covered cakes.

Choco Snack
I remember getting these in a previous snack box – I don’t remember which – but I know they said they got them at a convenience store. That’s A-OK with me though because these are delicious. Literally a corn puff (think blank umaibo) doused in a very thick coating of chocolate. Yummmm.

gyp9Cory Pao Dimel White Chocolate Covered Cookies
This was the first item I pulled out of the box and the item I hoped most I’d love, because white chocolate is one of my favorite things ever. Unfortunately these cookies, which taste just like gingerbread, are very, very dry. The white chocolate is a wee bit brittle too. These just weren’t for me.

gyp12Seaweed Pea Crackers
Let’s put these way up there in the nope file

gyp3Strawberry Hello Panda Cookies
Hello Panda is a staple in most stores, and you can actively get it at places like target. They’re panda shaped cookies filled with a strawberry cream, but they come in chocolate and vanilla (milk) too.

Mini Big Thunder Bar
MY PRECIOUS I love these bars ever since I got them in another snack box. Think chocolate covered graham cracker.

Oreo Chocolate Bar
Oreo, much like the KitKat, comes in many varieties in Japan. These are oreo flavored candy bars. Good, but the chocolate could stand to be a little creamier.

gyp7Peanut Snacks
Some sort of spicy peanut medley?? ? ?? ?

Prince Noodles Oodles – Original & Cabbage (?)
Basically dried ramen noodles you can eat straight outta the package :D

A heavy, ultra dense chocolate cake that is similar to a hostess cupcake. Mmmm chocolate. The cake part was slightly dry though.

Snow Crackers
These are rice crackers with a sweet coating. I almost wish there was far more of the coating than the cracker, or that the coating at least covered the entire cracker.

TK Food Cracker (?? ?)
I have zero idea what this is, or who this is on the packaging. It’s a cracker but it doesn’t smell, look or taste like anything in particular. Snackers of the world, assist your brethren. What am I eating? :I

gyp8Fruit Jelly Pods & Sticks
The pods are pretty much like jello you just eat without a utensil, while the jelly sticks taste and act more like regular jelly.

gyp11Cola Hard Candies
Mmmm. Cola. Mmmm. Hard Candies. >D

Umeboshi Candy (top middle)
Pickled plum candy ball.

Dust Coated Hard Candies (???)
Not on the website and last I checked I couldn’t read any language other than hillbilly english so I have no idea what these are and I’m not brave enough to taste test it.

gyp5Bon o Bon
Peanut butter cream filled wafer shelled chocolate coated giant ball of goodness.

Milkita Lollipop
Melon flavored milkshake lollipop. Well that’s an interesting combo.

Mmm Japanese taffy.

gypp4Cici Strawberry Jelly Drink
Drinkable… jello? It’s a strawberry jelly with bits of lychee in it for texture. I… well I’m not a jello fan to begin with but I don’t know that I’d like this.

Guarana Antarctica
A Brazilian drink! The info on the website says it tastes like the lychee fruit, so it’s literally like a fruity carbonated soda. Well that sounds good.

gypallI paid 32$ for this box and got a huge variety of items from all sorts of different countries. I really liked seeing some of my old favorites, like the Big Thunder bar, and hi-chews. I don’t think there’s anything I’d change about Gypsy Trading Company Snacks (cept maybe the website but that’s more of a personal beef), and I definitely plan on ordering another box soon. This subscription doesn’t send a lot of full size items, as you can tell, but it is great as a sampler.

If you’re interested in Gypsy Trading Company Snacks, you can select plans and find out more about them by clicking here.

Purchased. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.


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  1. I love, love, love rice crackers! I had some similar to the snow crackers once. And Rilakkuma rice crackers are the bomb not to mention cute. Hi-chews for the win too! The way you talk about the Big Thunder bars, I must get my hands on one. lol. Have you ever received the cola gumballs from Japan? I can’t remember the company. There were 3 gumballs in a rowed plastic container. They smelled so strongly of cola I thought that would be a good thing, but I was definitely not a fan once I tried them.

    1. Big Thunder bars ARE THE BEST! I love those! :D I have tried a brand of cola gumballs, the Marukawa ones, but they weren’t the rowed plastic ones. I definitely wanna try those now!

    1. They tasted like a really salty club cracker. How weird lol. I never bothered with the little hard candies, my luck they’d be filled with soy sauce or something

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