NandemoBox – Snack Version – February 2015 Review & Coupon!

NandemoBox is a brand new service that sends out snack boxes and kawaii boxes, hailing straight from Japan. Each month they send out a nice selection of fabulous goodies, from cult favorites to things you might not see, including a full bag of KITKATS (squeeing in the distance) nansnackNandemoBox – Snack Version
25$ Per Month – Free Shipping!
Ships Worldwide Directly from Japan
Use Code BEEJU04 for 5$ off – Expires 3/31

When NandemoBox debuted, it had three different iterations: Kawaii, Beauty, and Snack. Since then they’ve temporarily discontinued the Beauty and added a unique feature, the “Build-Your-Own Kawaii Pouch.” These guys are definitely headed in the right direction with the Snack and Kawaii (that Kawaii was just too perfect). Nandemo means “everything,” so this is literally the “Everything Snack” box.

nanscardSomething very unique about NandemoBox is that the cards themselves are personalized. They detail the featured item of the month, and how many items you should have. Inside the clear envelope is the snack list. The cards change color depending on the month too, March’s card was green.


The snack list details the items inside the box, as well as a disclaimer about “Too Much Chocolate?” Psh, is there ever too much chocolate? C’mon. I like how they mention taking advantage of the Winter months though.

nanskitMatcha (Green Tea) KitKats
A FULL BAG OF KITKATS AHHHH something I love about Japan is their very unique flavoring of KitKats. Here in the US they only come in 3 varieties, Milk, Dark and White, and the white is very rare. The KitKats over in Japan come in all sorts of weird and crazy flavors, and Matcha is easily one of the more popular and most iconic. It tastes like a creamier version of the milk chocolate ones, and sometimes you can pick up the tiniest amount of grit from the tea powder. I inhale these things though, and I absolutely adore the fact that there’s a full bag of them! Other boxes usually don’t even give you one, let alone an entire bag.

nansdiyNeruNeruNeru DIY Kit
I’ve done enough of these kits in my lifetime to know that I have absolutely zero skill at them and thus, won’t be attempting this one. All you do is mix water with an included powder and it becomes this taffy like consistency; you roll it in the sugar crystals and you’re done! It seems so simple but I am a complex human being. Seriously, I can dissect an entire 20 page marketing plan, find its flaws and throw it back together in a day but I can’t do a candy kit.

nanscrackerHito-Guchi Senbei
Senbei are Japanese rice crackers, usually flavored with soy sauce. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve seen senbei in a snack box, normally you see them a lot more during the Summer since they hold up well. These ranged between the salt or soy sauce versions, and I got the soy sauce. The cracker itself is very thin and crispy and the flavoring is spicy and intense.

Umaibo – Salami
Umaibo are puffy corn sticks (think hollowed out cheetos) with a ton of different flavorings and are generally quite popular. I tend to like the sweeter versions – Rusk being my favorite – when compared to the more savory.

nansjamKonyaku Jelly
Jelly sticks! Soft jelly with very strong flavor. These were totally new to me, they remind me of a grown up pixi stick.

nansgumChange-cola Shuwabo
This is a neat candy, it’s lemon and orange flavored sticks with a powdered center. The powder is very overpowering but the candy itself is really nice and citrusy.

nanschamChampagne Cider
This was really neat! It’s soda flavored tablets with a tiny toothpick. I have zero idea why there’s a tiny toothpick with these, but I pretended to be fancy all of 10 seconds and eat them as after dinner mints. They taste really nice, like pure carbonation, and were chewy, almost like a harder hi-chew.

nanscookTakenoto no Sako
Individually wrapped cone cookies, strawberry flavored with a cookie bottom. Yes, they were pure heaven. The strawberry didn’t taste artificial at all but the cookies definitely needed that crunch on the bottom to offset all the creamy textures.

nansappleJyunpaku no Ohimesama to akai-ringou Soft Candy
Something something princess soft candy lol. These are an apple flavored jelly candy rolled in sour sugar. I inhaled the entire bag, the sour really played well with the subtle sweetness of the apple jelly.

nanschocSpecial Bonus – Chocolate Heart
For Valentine’s Day, Nandemo included a special chocolate heart with a handwritten note on the back.

nansnawwNow that’s just cute (and the chocolate was mighty good too).

nansallThe February Nandemo box contained a very nice assortment of items; one of the things I love about these candy subs is I’ll find treats I never knew existed and may possibly never get to try again. I loved the apple jelly candies, the strawberry cones and the champagne tabs the best but overall I enjoyed everything in the box. I wouldn’t mind a big box of those apple jellies…

I highly recommend this box; When I was first contacted I honestly thought this was a box that would focus more on cult favorites like some of the other boxes on our snack list, but I’m glad they thought “outside the box” and sent items that were both popular, limited edition and unusual. I dig it.

If you’re interested in NandemoBox, this box is 25$ per month and you can save 5$ on your first box by using code BEEJU04 and clicking here.

PR Sample. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.


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  1. Wow! Full size of the green tea Kit Kats! I actually bought a bag from the market and it was expensive (ugh!) for mini Kit Kats … like $4.99 for that. But they’re so YUM! Nothing like the regular chocolate Kit Kats. Have you tried the mango flavored ones? My brother brought back loads of different Kit Kats from Japan. Some are …eh …others are yum!

    1. I love kitkats in general, easily my favorite candy bar, but the matcha ones were delicious! :D I have not tried mango, I’ve been pretty limited in what I’ve been able to get but thankfully thats what subscription boxes are for lol

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