Japanese Treats – December 2014 Review

Japanese Treats is a older offering in the never-ending Japanese Snack Box movement, shipping 10-15 different treats in a mix of classics and new flavors, directly from Japan.

jtopenJapanese Treats
22$ Per Month – Free Shipping!
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Something I reallllly like about these guys is the fact they’re willing to work with you if you want to order a big ‘ol box of Matcha Kit Kats (GET THEM), and are generally very accommodating. Each snack box has something unique about them, and so far they’re the only one I’ve seen willing to send the Matcha box. I’m very strongly considering ordering a Matcha box for D Lys.

Anywho, Japanese Treats is an older box that’s fairly popular. In each box you get between 10-15 snacks, ranging from brand new releases to cult classics in all flavors.

jtcardEach box comes with an info card that details the items inside, including the flavor. Some foreign treats do have names translated in English and/or photos of the flavoring, but most do not. There’s a reason we love info cards.

jtcaramelTohato Caramel Corn
Definitely a classic in the Japanese snack world – these little C shaped puffs are covered in caramel flavoring and are deliciously sweet. I can literally inhale these things, they’re very easy to eat. Tohato’s Corn snacks have been in a variety of boxes as they’re incredibly popular treats in Japan – they almost melt in your mouth, they’re so sweet.

jtrollupCola Roll Candy
Japanese Fruit Roll Ups!…. only in cola flavor. These are incredibly gelatinous and tend to stick to the paper when compared to their American counterpart, but the flavor is so much more intense. You could actually taste the carbonation on this.

jtgumMarukawa Gum – Orange
Another classic, these little gum packs are all over Japan in any flavor you can imagine. The gum itself doesn’t last very long but it’s big on flavor.

jtsoftOreo Soft Cookie – Strawberry
Japan is known for a couple things as far as food goes; Umaibo, Fish flavored everything, KitKats and Soft Oreos. We had a version of these in the States awhile back that was vanilla flavored, but I think they’ve been discontinued? Japan makes them with different flavors of filling in any flavor you can imagine. I like the cookie part itself as it’s very soft, but I’m not too keen on the filling. It’s got a very artificial strawberry flavor I’m just not a fan of.

Ramune tablets! These taste just like Smarties here in America, but Ramune has a different texture as it also melts in your mouth on contact. These are orange and grape flavored. I always love getting these in boxes, they’re SO good. They might be a little too sweet though, depending on your tolerance for sugar (clearly I have a high tolerance).

jtumaiboUmaibo – Christmas & Mozzarella Cheese Flavor
Umaibo are literally hollowed corn puffs that come in a TON of flavors – literally from every possible end of the spectrum. The Christmas Umaibo is around 2/3rds the size of a regular Umaibo stick, and is a rich chocolatey flavor. It was a little bitter to be honest, I’m thinking it’s dark chocolate. The Mozzarella Umaibo had a strong scent but not much cheese flavor. It honestly tasted like a white cheddar cheeto. Not bad at all.

jtchocoChoco Snack
“A corn based snack covered in chocolate that sells in the Seven Elevens in Japan.” Brb going to a Japan gas station. I LOVED this. The chocolate is sweet (I’m guessing it’s milk) but it’s such a nice pick me up. I need more of these.

jtonigiriOnigiri Senbei
Senbei is literally rice crackers with soy flavoring, and these are shaped like onigiri (think of a triangle with rounded ends). I never cared for Senbei as I found the taste to be a bit too strong for my liking as far as savory snacks go.

jthkHello Kitty 40th Anniversary Strawberry Chocolate Pretzels
I’ve been seeing these pop up quite a bit lately and I’m really glad they showed up in a box. They taste really fruity – like the strawberry is mixed in with the chocolate flavor and the pretzel itself isn’t too pronounced. They’re really good, very creamy!

jtcookieChoice Chocolate Biscuits
Frozen edition chocolate cookies! :D The cookie part has a graham cracker aspect and the chocolate is milk. I wonder if the cookie itself wasn’t some sort of shortbread hybrid because I can’t quite identify it, but regardless these were really wonderful and buttery, and the fact they have Frozen characters on them are instant wins for me.


LOOK Chocolate – Mont Blanc and Chestnut
As popular as LOOK chocolates are, I’ve never tried them! The Montblanc is super creamy and I adore the chocolate flavor itself. These apparently come in a lot of different flavors so I’m going to look into importing some.

jtallOverall I really liked this box – I felt it was a very even mix of both savory and sweet items and there were a lot of things I had never had or seen before, and a lot of things I knew were perennial favorites. I definitely recommend this box if you’re looking for a nice balance of snacks.

If interested, Japanese Treats is 22$ per month, and you can sign up by clicking here.

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    1. I am a chocolate fiend. Anything chocolate is an instant win for me! The chocolate umaibo was definitely surprising, I knew they came in sweeter flavors (rusk) but I didn’t know they were chocolate covered ones!

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