Cate&Chloe April 2014 Review

Cate&Chloe is a great box. It sends you two high quality (really, really high) quality pieces of jewelry per month for a price tag of $39.95. Their pieces tend to be much more classic rather than statement. There are very few, if any, pieces on their site that are big and bold and neck engulfing. One shipment is from their current collection, the other comes from an unreleased collection. Their pieces have high value and the total months subscription is retail over $200.00.

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Cate&Chloe VIP

$39.95/Month -Free Shipping!
C&C does two shipments per month, one on the first, one on the 15th.

Forgive my packaging, I was trying to cut a loose string from the ribbon and forgot that YOU DON’T PULL IT, and thus unraveled the entire thing. The box actually came in tact. Unfortunately I disposed of the card and the box it came in before taking photos like the irresponsible little blogger I am. This box was actually a surprise. I received no shipping info, it just sorta showed up in my mailbox one day, not that I’m not thankful. Prevents me from being a neurotic mess by checking the tracking every 10 minutes (I’m looking at you, LITTLE BLACK BAG). It ships through the USPS too, which is wonderful for me. Have I mentioned my great dislike for FedEx yet?

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Some of you may remember my last Cate&Chloe review where I stated that you have a profile to select what you do/don’t want and can/can’t wear. I can’t wear earrings due to not having pierced ears, but honestly this is 100% okay,  because I have a cousin with a birthday in a week who has been begging me for pretty studs. This kid is picky but she likes things that aren’t traditional (like these daisies for example), so I’m banking on the fact that she’ll like these since they’re real gold.

These studs retail for $89.00 and were part of their previously unreleased collection. Again my camera can’t seem to do these justice, so hopefully their website can. I got the white daisy with yellow gold ensemble. I had no idea there were variants until I went link fishing.

photo 1

I think one of my favorite things about Cate&Chloe is the different jewelry boxes their pieces come housed in. They’re simply cardboard but each box is designed differently based on what’s being shipped. I actually got a smaller box when I got my Diana Divine necklace last month. This one clearly looks too large for a simple pair of earrings but hey, more room for other things.

Cate & Chloe VIP will always come highly recommended from me. I love all of their pieces.  My second half of April box has already shipped so expect that review in a few days!


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