We’d love to tell you, but its a secret, so….JUST KIDDING. The Mystery Anime Box is a box of anime and video game stuff selected for you and shipped for free!*

There are currently 3 tiers of boxes you can purchase!

  • B-Rank: $50 (valued at $75)
  • A-Rank: $75 (valued at $125)
  • S-Rank: $125 (valued at $200)

Every box is different and individually packaged. B-rank includes anything from plushes to keychains to patches. A-rank includes everything from B-rank as well as figures. S-rank can include anything from the site and more (there are some things we only sell at conventions that may make it in the box!)

Also, 1 in 10 boxes gets a random upgrade to an SS-Rank box (with a value of at least $250!)

Price and Shipping Locations
$50 - $125 - Ships Free - Ships to US
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