Socks are basic, but that doesn’t mean they should be boring. Heeltop Socks seeks to shake up sock drawers everywhere by offering monthly subscriptions for custom-designed socks, shipped straight to the doors of customers in North America.

But Heeltop isn’t just settling for your run-of-the-mill soft good subscription service. They’re taking it a step further, by including monthly features. Influential individuals from all over the creative spectrum will participate, creating their own custom sock designs and accompanying knick knacks (think: keychains or buttons).

Yes, you can expect great socks, easy subscriptions, surprisingly reasonable prices, and design courtesy of unique innovators, but Heeltop isn’t about to stop there. The brand is fully committed to maintaining a voice in the lifestyle conversation, creating a solid platform for bold self-expression and relentless pursuit of the Arts.

Price and Shipping Locations
$9 - Free Shipping
JUSTABUCK - First month for just $1
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