A brand new Cute themed subscription from TokyoTreat!

YumeTwins is a monthly care package of everything kawaii and cute from TokyoTreat. It centers around the “yume kawaii” culture which is a new kawaii movement recently emerged in Japan. Yume kawaii isn’t just the old school kawaii – it’s a mixture of cuteness, fairytales and, importantly, a touch of darkness (yami)! “

Each YumeTwins box is a surprise of 8-10 items ranging from adorable plushies and squishies, collectible keychains and figures, stationery and accessories.

All items are fully licensed merchandise from Japanese brands you LOVE!

Price and Shipping Locations
49.95 - Free Shipping - U.S. only
Btizzy-135_grande_b77017b5-1a62-421c-b494-6a4e500fcfc7_1024x1024.jpg 2 years ago
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