TokyoTreat – September 2018 Review


$25 – $35 per month

Free worldwide shipping from Tokyo

TokyoTreat is a monthly Japanese snack subscription box shipped straight from Tokyo. They recently revamped their subscription service, and they now offer two sizes. There’s the Classic for $22.50-$25 and the Premium for $31.50-$35. (The cheaper prices are for prepaid plans.) TokyoTreat curates a box of fun, seasonal snacks with the aim to share their love of Japanese treats.

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For September 2018 the theme is “Movie Night.” They curated a selection of snacks ideal for munching on during a movie, like bite-sized treats. There are also a few trendy flavors included (based on my own observations) like chocolate banana and pineapple. Both of those flavors are in all the convience stores right now, so it’s nice that they included them in this month’s box.

The Premium Box includes 12 full sized items: 4 popular Japanese snacks, 4 sharable packs, 2 dagashi, 1 DIY kit, and 1 kinosei (health-benefit) snack. The Premium box includes 17 full sized items: 5 popular snacks, 1 party pack, 4 sharable packs, 3 dagashi, 1 Anime snack, 1 DIY kit, 1 kinosei snack, and 1 Japanese drink. It’s rare to get seasonal Japanese drinks outside of Japan, so that’s always one of my favorite items.  There is also a smaller box available, called the “Classic Box.”

I’m reviewing the Premium Box, and items marked with an asterisk* are exclusive to the Premium Box.

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Mango Pokémon Soda *

For your drink during your movie, TokyoTreat included a bottle of Pokemon-themed soda! The packaging has Eevee and Eevee-lution designs. There are a few different possible designs, but they are all mango flavored. I think a soda is a classic choice for a movie theme, and the Pokemon theme is so cute! The soda itself is a little light on the mango flavor but it’s still a pleasant sweet fruit soda.

Kinako Crackers *

These individually wrapped rice crackers are coated with kinako. Kinako is a roasted soybean power with a sweet, toasty, and nutty taste. I’m visiting America soon, so I packed these for friends and family to try since kinako is such a classic Japanese flavor. It’s a big bag, so there’s plenty to share if you’re feeling generous!

Calbee Kishu Plum Chips *

Calbee is a very popular chip brand, and they flavored these potato chips with Japanese plum. I love sour plum chips! If you like salt and vinegar chips, these will be right up your alley. TokyoTreat included a different brand of plum chips a few months ago, but these taste fairly different. These chips are cut thicker, and the plum flavor is tangier and less sour. Yum!

Marshmallow Twist *

This little dagashi (like penny candy) is a simple marshmallow. It’s very soft and sweet.

Pretty Cure Popcorn *

This month’s anime snack is Pretty Cure popcorn, which of course goes with the “popcorn at the movies” theme.  The popcorn is salt flavored, and it’s mixed in with strawberry caramel corn puffs. It also comes with a sticker from the anime. The strawberry puffs were too sweet for me, but I was pleasantly surprised with how good the popcorn was!

Kinako No Yama Chocolate Banana

Chocolate dipped bananas are a popular festival food here, so this snack is mirroring those flavors. The popular mushroom-shaped snack, Kinako no Yama, has a biscuit mushroom stem with a chocolate and banana cap. I’m not usually a banana candy person, but these are so good! The ratio of chocolate to banana is perfect, and the not-too-sweet biscuit adds crunch.

Hokkaido Matcha Milk Candy

These candies are another good movie snack, and I’m also bringing these to America on my trip! I haven’t tried them yet, but the real milk from Hokkaido mixed with matcha sounds really yummy.

Okinawa Pineapple Hi-Chew

For your theater candy, how about an Okinawa pineapple Hi-Chew? This soft candy has a strong pineapple flavor, with a good amount of sweetness and tartness.

Spicy Pepper Pea Corn Puff Rings

This puffed corn snack has a spicy pepper pea flavor. I’m a wimp when it comes to spice, so I haven’t tried it yet. This would be good for those who prefer savory snacking during a movie.

Brown Sugar Traditional Wheat Puff

This is another dagashi snack that is more of a traditional treat—puffed wheat with a sweet brown sugar coating. The brown sugar and wheat are a nice pairing. It’s sweet, but the wheat puff balances it, and the whole thing has a good crunch.

Shrimp Mayonnaise Umaibo

This month’s Umaibo is a shrimp mayo flavor. I don’t enjoy shrimp snacks, but I like that they included something for seafood fans, since Japan has a lot of great savory seafood snacks!

Strawberry Soft Serve Ice Cream DIY

September’s DIY candy is a simple kit that makes strawberry “soft serve” ice cream. It’s simple enough to do with kiddos, and it’s cute that they include a little tiny cone! (The booklet and online zine include instructions for the DIY kit.)

Stretchy Grape Gummies

This month’s kinosei (health benefit) snack is a grape gummy. I really like this gummy brand, as the flavors are always strong. This one is no exception, with a bold purple grape taste. You can also tear the gummies to different sizes, which is fun. The booklet says the treat contains “faecalis,” which I had to Google. I’m pretty sure it’s a kind of probiotic?

Anpanman Fluffy Corn Puffs

Lastly, there are 4 packs of corn puffs themed around the children’s anime character Anpanman. They’re a little sweet with a simple corn puff taste. The packaging says that they are safe for children older than 1 year, so these might be fun to share with little ones.

Overall, I liked that most of the snacks fit the movie-watching theme. I really liked the Stretchy Grape Gummies, Okinawa Pineapple Hi-Chew, Calbee Kishu Plum Chips, and Kinako No Yama Chocolate Banana. Make sure to check out their social media for contests, coupons, and sneak peaks of upcoming boxes.

If you want to get your own Classic or Premium box, you can do so here. Prices range from $25 – $35 per month and boxes are shipped from Tokyo through Japan Post. Shipping is free worldwide! If you want to receive the September box, make sure to order by the end of August!

My cat, Tama, always enjoys sitting on the boxes.


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