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YumeTwins is a kawaii goods box shipped worldwide from Tokyo! Each box includes 6 to 8 cute licensed items from popular Japanese brands. They include a variety of things, like plushies, stationary, and squishies. They focus on curating a selection of unique and quality goods around a monthly theme.

YumeTwins is also currently having a refer-a-friend campaign! You will receive credit for each friend you refer, and your friend also gets $5 off. The top 10 people who refer the most friends during this month will also receive a free 3-month subscription! Subscribers and non-subscribers can participate.  The referral link can be found here: https://yumetwins.com/share. You have until June 30th to participate!

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There is both a physical booklet and a digital zine (accessible on their website). Both include an item list, contests, community photos, the Yume Prize, and cultural information. The theme for July 2018 is “Brunch Date.”  The items were curated with the idea of enjoying an indoor brunch with friends, since the summer sun can be unforgiving at times. There are 6 items in this month’s box.

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Kawaii Food Container & Hand Towel Set

This first item is really three items! It’s a kawaii lunch set, with 2 differently-sized food containers and a hand towel. There are three possible designs you can get: Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, or Rilakkuma. I would be happy with any of those designs, but I’m extra excited that I got Totoro! It’s a licensed set that comes nicely packaged in it’s own box. This is the type of item I love to see in kawaii boxes—high quality, super cute, and very practical.

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Rilakkuma Coaster

This lazy-bear coaster comes in five possible designs and is made of cork.  I got a sleepy Rilakkuma design! It seems to be made well, with the design on the cork printed bright and sharp. I’ve been using it for the past few days with no complaints. I want the rest of the designs too!

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Adorable Pet Lunch Cloth

This lunch cloth, or “furoshiki,” is typically used to wrap up your lunch box for transportation. You can also use it as a place mat. There are lots of ways to use a wrapping cloth like this, and if you’re interested you can search “furoshiki” on Youtube or Google. This square cloth also comes in five possible pet designs, and I got a cute calico cat motif!

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Studio Ghibli Chopsticks

The next item is a pair of 21cm chopsticks from Studio Ghibli. There are four possible designs:  Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Totoro, and Kiki’s Delivery Service.  (They recommend hand washing these utensils.) It’s nice that they included chopsticks to go with the food container set. They’re high quality, licensed chopsticks with little ridges at the tips for easier eating.  Licensed Studio Ghibli merchandise isn’t cheap, so it feels special when they include it in subscription boxes.

Angel Panda Kawaii Plushie

This month’s plushie is a little Angel Panda, which comes in eight possible designs. They’ve included it as a brunch partner, which is a cute idea.  Each design carries a different gemstone. Pandas are really popular in Japan right now, since the Ueno Zoo has a cute baby panda named Xiang Xiang.

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Gudetama Washi Tape

The last item is a roll of Gudetama washi tape, which feels fitting for a food-centric box. You can use this washi tape for the typical stationary uses, but it’s also useful for writing down what’s inside your food containers! I often use washi tape for leftovers, to write the name of the food and the date. The tape is decorated with the popular lazy egg character.

YumeTwins did so good with this month’s box! I am in love with what they chose to include. Granted, I’m biased because I love the characters they included this month (Studio Ghibli, Rilakkuma, and Gudetama). Generally, they typically have the plushie as the largest item, and this month the food container set was the main item. It’s a nice change! I also appreciate that everything is high quality and licensed. YumeTwins always has a good value, but I think that the value for this month is especially high. I especially loves the Kawaii Food Container & Hand Towel Set, Rilakkuma Coaster, and Studio Ghibli Chopsticks.

You can also buy individual items at their new website, JapanHaul.com It can be tricky to find kawaii goods outside of Japan, so it’s exciting that they have an online shop!

If you’d like to subscribe, you can do so here. It’s $35 per month with free international shipping. Keep an eye on the YumeTwins website and social media for teasers about the next box. Don’t forget about their referral campaign too! It goes until June 30th.


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