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If you’ve ever watched a crime show on TV and tried to solve the murder mystery on your own, this box may be for you! Introducing Dispatch by Breakout Games, a subscription box which asks you to buckle down and throw on your detective hat.  This subscription box is delivered to your door monthly for the cost of $24.99. If you sign up to recieve their newsletter right now you can get $10 off! There are absolutely no obligations and you can opt out at any time.

After subscribing to Dispatch, you’ll be sent your first box in the mail. This box will be an introduction to your mystery. For this subscription box review, I will be reviewing box 1 of the On the Run series. Each box contains multiple physical clues and points you to available online resources. You’ll have plenty of the puzzle to solve while waiting for your next box. Each month following, you’ll receive an additional box with more items to further submerse you in the story.

For the On the Run series, I’m investigating the strange disappearance of my closest childhood friend, James. Aside from his disappearance, James is also suspected and charged with killing his wife, Victoria. Having known James forever, I’m not quite convinced that he’s guilty and choose to get to the bottom of this, on my own.

The first box for the On the Run series, is mostly an introduction to the story line. There is a ton of information to sift through. The insert below outlines exactly what my box contained:

I recruited my husband to help me solve the murder. I started out by reading the journal as my husband searched through multiple magazine covers and newspaper clippings. We each had a notebook to jot down things we thought were important. We’d continuously check in with each other to see how relevant our notes were to the articles. For example: If I wrote down ‘August 23rd’, I’d ask my husband if that has popped up anywhere else.

This journal is chock full of important details relevant to the story line. It outlined what we knew of James before the murder and our thoughts on him as we investigate. It also called out when we thought he was under pressure or acting strange… all critical clues in a murder investigation.

Various newspaper clippings and magazine covers solidify your timelines and point you to online sources. What I loved about this box is that Dispatch really made this believable. These online sources (including: twitter accounts, a virtual craigslist, company websites, etc.) make it possible for you to role play being a real investigator.

Magazine Cover 1: Star Life

Magazine Cover 2: Celebrity Now

Example Newspaper clipping: from Honeymoon location, Maui.

I don’t want to give too much away, information wise, so those are the only clippings I will share for the time being (I don’t want to spoil this for anyone else who wants to try to solve this mystery!). I highly recommend you try this box to get a taste of all it has to offer– there are so many hidden details!

The wedding of James and Victoria has it’s own story to tell. Below are the invitation and RSVP cards.

The wedding program included a high-level overview of family and friends who have passed away, important guests, songs, timelines, etc.

The box also included resources if you get stumped trying to figure things out. There is Detective Bailey who you can contact via e-mail or website form. They offer an online support system through Slack to help you work with others on Box 1. This group was very helpful just to see that a lot of people got stuck where my husband and I did. Once you get past it though… there are no words for how good that feels!

Overall, I really enjoyed this box. To say I loved being a detective is an understatement as I am currently revaluating my career choices. This box would be fun to do monthly with friends or family. I could also see it as a company team building for a small group.

Stay tuned for the next On the Run box review! Box 2 review coming soon. I cannot wait!!!

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This box was a PR sample. No compensation was received. All opinions are my own.



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