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$25 – $35 per month

Free worldwide shipping from Tokyo

TokyoTreat is a monthly Japanese snack subscription box shipped straight from Tokyo. They recently revamped their subscription service, and they now offer two sizes. There’s the Classic for $22.50-$25 and the Premium for $31.50-$35. (The cheaper prices are for prepaid plans.) TokyoTreat curates a box of fun, seasonal snacks with the aim to share their love of Japanese treats.

The Classic Box includes 12 full sized items: 4 popular Japanese snacks, 4 sharable packs, 2 dagashi, 1 DIY kit, and 1 kinosei (health-benefit) snack. The Premium box includes 17 full sized items: 5 popular snacks, 1 party pack, 4 sharable packs, 3 dagashi, 1 Anime snack, 1 DIY kit, 1 kinosei snack, and 1 Japanese drink. It’s rare to get seasonal Japanese drinks outside of Japan, so that’s always one of my favorite items.

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This theme for May is “Anime Snack Attack!” Apparently May is TokyoTreat’s anniversary month—congrats! In honor of their anniversary they created a box of Anime-themed treats (one of their most requested themes). They include a paper booklet and there is also a similar digital zine on their website. The booklet includes all the information on the snacks and how to do the DIY kit. They also include fan photos, cultural info, contests, giveaways, etc. Lately they’ve been including bite-sized Japanese lessons, which I love.

I’m reviewing the Premium box, and items marked with an asterisk* are only in the Premium.

Minute Maid Craftz Cherry & Peach*

This month’s drink is from Minute Maid. It’s a fruit drink flavored with cherry, peach, and sakura extract. The flavors are great for the spring season. The cherry flavor is the strongest with a little hint of peach.

Shin-Chan Gummy*

Crayon Shin-Chan is a long running anime in Japan, and this gummy is shaped like the main character’s face. You receive a cola or a ramune flavored gummy. I got the ramune flavored one, which has a nice sweetness and a firm texture.

Chocopie Party Pack*

Every month TokyoTreat includes a party pack so you can share your treats, although there’s no judgement if you finish them all yourself! This month’s pack is a mini version of the popular cake snack “Chocopies.” It’s a sandwich of chocolate cake with cream in the middle and then coated in chocolate. They’re a little dry but have a satisfying chocolate flavor. I liked dunking them in my coffee!

Dragon Ball Cheese Puffs*

This licensed Dragon Ball snack comes with an official Dragon Ball Heroes trading card. The cheese puffs are crunchy and pleasantly cheesy. Sometimes cheese-flavored Japanese snacks can be a little tame, but these satisfy my cheese cravings.

Boruto Hand Gummy

This gummy is flavored like Japanese energy drinks, which to me always taste like a mix of the American candy “Smarties” and pineapple. I’m not a big energy drink person, but I really enjoy the taste of Japanese energy drinks! The gummy itself is shaped like a hand, and you can even use it to play “Rock Paper Scissors!”

Boruto Pineapple Jellies

Another snack from the Baruto anime, these bite-sized jellies are pineapple flavored. There’s even some real pineapple juice use. Each jelly has a different character on the lid, and there are plenty to share with your family and friends if you’re feeling generous. These taste even better if you stick them in the fridge! It’s already getting warm here in Japan, so these are a refreshing treat.

Splatoon Gummies

Splatoon is a very popular Nintendo game, and these gummies are shaped like the squid characters in the game. You might get an octopus shaped gummy if you’re lucky! The gummies come in orange and melon flavors. I didn’t care for the taste that much, but I like that they included a Nintendo item.

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One Piece Bubble Jelly DIY

The One Piece anime characters decorate this bubble jelly DIY kit. It’s a simple kit, and the information booklet gives you all the necessary instructions. If you can stir and you have a refrigerator, you can do it! It makes a foamy melon drink similar in taste to the popular Fanta melon soda.

Sriracha Rice Chips

I’ve seen this brand of rice chips in the supermarket, so I was excited to see it in the May box! I passed these along to my husband since he enjoys spicy food more. He really liked the spice level—not too spicy, but with a definite kick.  These chips are also gluten-free and have protein from soy beans. I’m definitely going to buy these again for him, and maybe try the other flavors for myself.

Umaibo Mentaiko

This puffed corn stick is mentaiko flavored, which is “creamy salted pollock roe.” (Sometimes it has a little spice to it too.) It’s a savory snack, with more of a salty taste rather than a fishy taste. This is considered “dagashi,” which are cheap childhood/nostalgic snacks. The next two items are dagashi as well.

Don Taro Udon Snack

This cute little package contains dried udon flavored like a real bowl of udon soup.  It’s crunchy and savory—the saltiness would pair well with a beer or a bubbly drink.

Thomas the Train Engine Chewy Candy

It makes sense that Thomas the Train Engine is popular in Japan—trains are a big deal here. This chewy grape candy is similar in texture to a Hi-Chew.

Senzu Bean Edamame Share Pack

This month’s Share Pack is a cracker made from edamame beans. They’re baked, not fried, and are shaped like little pale green pea pods. The crackers are crunchy with a subtle edamame flavor. They’re a great snack to munch on, and I like that they aren’t greasy at all.

Shin-Chan Chocobi Almond  Tofu Corn Puffs

The last item in the May box are these Shin-Chan themed Chocobi snacks. There’s also a Shin-Chan sticker inside! This puffed corn snack comes in many different flavors. This seasonal flavor is a popular Chinese dessert in Japan—sweet almond tofu. We live near Chinatown in Japan, and we always see this dessert on menus. The snack itself is awesome, since the flavor is so unique and not overly-sweet. It tastes like an almond cookie, and I hope I can find this in stores to buy more.

Overall, I really enjoyed the May box. I’m not the biggest anime fan, but it was still fun to see all the different characters. Plus, they managed to keep a balance of sweet and savory snacks while sticking to the anime theme are springtime limited edition flavors. My favorites were the Shin-Chan Chocobi Almond Tofu Corn Puffs, Sriracha Rice Chips, Boruto Pineapple Jellies, and the Senzu Bean Edamame Share Pack. Make sure to check out their social media for contests, coupons, and sneak peaks of upcoming boxes.

If you want to get your own Classic or Premium box, you can do so here. Prices range from $25 – $35 per month and boxes are shipped from Tokyo through Japan Post. Shipping is free worldwide! If you want the May box, be sure to subscribe by April 30th.


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Sara loves all things cats, snacks, and video games. She lives in Yokohama, Japan with her husband. Sara has her B.S in Women and Gender Studies and currently teaches English. Japanese snack and kawaii boxes are her favorite, along with anything nerdy, cute, and/or edible.

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