Snakku – March 2018 Review

This month’s Snakku box spotlights the major city of Osaka!  Well known as a foodie destination, Osaka is on my list of places to visit the next time I vacation in Japan.  Definitely looking forward to getting some inspiration from this box!

Snakku has two subscription styles:

The Signature Box ~ available for $38.95/month including free international shipping (and in 3 and 6 month prepaid plans with a slight discount).

The Tasting Box ~ available for $15.75/month including shipping, but only in the US.

Snakku’s Signature Boxes always come wrapped in a lovely furoshiki, or washi cloth.  Occasionally they will switch up the pattern, but this month’s cloth is the same as February’s.  I’ve been saving these cloths to wrap presents with, although my wrapping technique is nowhere near this level!

Snakku has got some perfect timing: my parents are actually on a cruise around Japan right now, including a stop in Osaka, so I was excited to share this box with them before they left.  Hopefully it will inspire them to bring me back more souvenir snacks! ;)

The information card included gives a little blurb about each snack, along with major ingredients.  There are also some interesting facts about Osaka itself: I learned that the Dotonbori district has more places to eat per square foot than anywhere else in the world.  Sounds like my kind of city!

Osaka Choco Egg

These little cakes are covered in a layer of smooth white chocolate.  I’m not totally sure what the filling is – it has the texture of bean paste or sweet potato, but it seems a little sweeter.  The cake is light and fluffy, but a bit drier than I was hoping.  Definitely a cute and unique treat, but I’ve had better “cake eggs” from previous boxes.

Tofu Chocolate

So, I have to apologize to my ancestors and fellow Asians – I’m not a big fan of tofu at all.  I know.  Disgraceful.  BUT, this “tofu chocolate”?  I could eat it forever, if only it weren’t exclusive to Osaka.  It’s tofu, black sesame, and soybean pastry, glazed with white chocolate.  The inside has been caramelized into a toffee-like texture, with a sweet nutty flavor from the sesame.  I’ve honestly never had tofu like this before (I would never even have thought it could be a dessert), but this variation is definitely worth traveling to Osaka for!

Mocchiee Banana

It’s hard to tell because I cut it, but this little castella and mochi cake comes in the shape of a banana!  It’s filled with a banana-flavored custard, which I could smell the second I opened the box (even with the wrapper still intact!).  They really sold the banana part well.  The cake itself is so moist and rich, and the custard is generous and decadent.  I don’t typically like banana, but this cake is a huge exception.

Nani Waffle

These waffle cookies come from a famous waffle shop in Osaka.  Snakku has included three flavors to try: maple, chocolate, and sugar glaze.  They’re the perfect medium texture between cookie-snap and waffle-soft (does that make sense?), with a delicate hint of sweetness.  I personally liked the maple flavor best, since it was the most fragrant.  And because maple syrup goes best with waffles, of course!

Okonomiyaki Senbei

I’ve gotten these in a snack box before, and I am certainly happy to see them again!  The base is a thin, crispy cracker, topped with lots of goodies that can be found on actual okonomiyaki (a sort of savory pancake).  Typically eaten as a street food, okonomiyaki can be topped with eggs, cabbage, meat, or sauces.  I’ve never had authentic okonomiyaki before, but these savor salty treats will keep me satisfied until Snakku can ship us the real deal!

Kaminari Okoshi

Originally from Osaka, these rice snacks were offered by farmers to the gods as prayer for a good harvest.  According to Snakku, they’re also infused with ginger and other grains.  They’re crunchy and crispy and very gingery, almost like a ginger-flavored Rice Krispy treat.  To me, these are a very authentic Japanese snack – not too sweet or artificial-tasting, with very traditional flavors.

Japanese Cider Candy

These little candies have been around since the 1800s, and are made from Japanese cider.  They have a refreshingly sweet taste, like Ramune soda, and last forever!  They would be great to carry around in your purse for after a heavy meal, when you want something light and crisp.

Togarashi Pepper Crackers

These are little baked rice crackers infused with sun-dried hot peppers.  They’re the kind of snack where you first go, “These aren’t spicy at all!”, but by the second handful you’re feeling the heat.  I was definitely surprised by the peppery kick!  It’s a warm kind of heat, as opposed to an uncomfortable burning.  The senbei themselves are crunchy and salty, and would probably go well with a cold beer!

Blueberry Tart

Made from local organic blueberries, these buttery shortbread-like cookies have a blueberry jam center.  The fruit flavor is brightly sweet and tart, balanced by the comforting sugary cookie.  Nothing too special about them, but I wouldn’t say no to another!


Man, these corn puff sticks were a staple in my childhood.  In fact, my mom took two of them the minute I opened the box, and stashed them away somewhere for herself!  They have the texture of a cheesy puff, but with a salty-savory corn flavor.  Sometimes they have a filling, but these OG versions are empty, putting all the focus on the delicious crispy outside.

Overall, this was an interesting box from Snakku.  There were a lot of treats that pushed me outside of my comfort zone: ginger, tofu, and banana being ingredients I’m not thrilled about, but ended up loving in these snacks.  My favorite was probably the banana mochi, surprisingly, with the tofu chocolate coming in a close second.  The choco egg was a bit of a miss for me personally, but I did still eat all of them so that speaks for itself!


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