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YumeTwins is a kawaii goods box shipped worldwide from Tokyo! Each box includes 6 to 8 cute licensed items from popular Japanese brands. They include a variety of things, like plushies, stationary, and squishies. They focus on curating a selection of unique and quality goods around a monthly theme.

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There is both a physical booklet and a digital zine. Both include information on the items, contests, community photos, the Yume Prize, and cultural topics. For April 2018 the theme is “Easter Melody.”  It follows sort of a pink Easter theme, including some popular Sanrio characters perfect for Easter! Gudetama, the lazy egg, and My Melody, the cute bunny, are both featured in this month’s box. Bunnies and eggs—very appropriate!

My Melody Roll Plushie

This soft plush is the Sanrio bunny character, My Melody. She’s perfect for a sweet Easter theme! YumeTwins is actually going to have three of these Sanrio roll plushies overall! My Melody is the first, and the next will be in May’s box! It’s a cute idea, especially since these roll plushies are sort of shaped like a loaf of bread. Meaning, you’ll be able to stack all three! Who doesn’t want a cute little pyramid of Sanrio characters?

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Japanese Egg Boiler

Hungry? This little kitchen gadget promises perfect boiled eggs! (Again, very appropriate for Easter.) It’s to make “onsen tamago,” which are eggs boiled in hot spring water. You put eggs and hot water into the container, then wait until it’s the boiled to your liking. There’s a time chart on the box based on egg size. This is a really fun and unique addition to a kawaii box! I hope more kitchen gadgets are in our future!

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Gudetama To Do List

Gudetama, our favorite lazy egg, decorates this to-do list notepad. This type of list notepad is always so useful for grocery store trips! There are even little check boxes so you can mark when you complete each item on your list.

Pote Usa Loppy Nail Polish Highlighter

Pote Usa Loppy is a cute Amuse bunny character, and she decorates this nail polish inspired highlighter. The cap of the “nail polish” comes off to reveal a bright highlighter! The highlighter writes smoothly, which  is nice.

Hoppe-chan Squishy

This squishy is the popular character Hoppe-chan.  It’s the first Hoppe-chan item and character squishy for the YumeTwins box. I don’t totally get the appeal of Hoppe-chan, but it’s a nice pink squishy!

My Melody Sponges

Lastly, there’s a pack of four My Melody kitchen sponges. The pink design should brighten up any kitchen. I’ve been using them for washing dishes, and I have no complaints! They work well and have held up for several washes so far.

All in all, this month’s box fit the Easter theme perfectly. It wasn’t my absolute favorite, but I can see a lot of people being really excited for this girly box! My favorites were the Japanese Egg Boiler and the Gudetama To Do List. I also like the idea of having a trio of Sanrio plushies being released over a few boxes!  It’d be nice to have a break from getting a squishy every month, but I know a lot of people collect them, so that’s just a personal preference.

If you’d like to subscribe, you can do so here. It’s $35 per month with free international shipping. Keep an eye on the YumeTwins website and social media for teasers about the next box! I wonder what the next Sanrio plush will be?

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