Bokksu – February 2018 Review

For the month of February, Bokksu has sent an entire box of Kit Kats!

$39/month with free shipping worldwide!

Use code BEEJU to get $5 off any Classic Bokksu subscription!

This last month has been so stressful (I’m moving back to Maryland and I absolutely hate packing), so a boxful of chocolate sounds pretty perfect to me.  I know that the Kit Kats are a nod to Valentine’s Day, but this felt like more of a care package to me. <3

The theme is officially “Doki Doki Kit Kat”, which I think is pretty adorable (“doki doki” is the Japanese sound for the heartbeat).  As a Valentine’s Day tradition in Japan, girls will present chocolates to the boys they like.  The Kit Kats included in this box can be given to your loved ones, or hoarded for yourself (like I did), and are just a small sampling of the zillions of flavors that they come in!

Each Bokksu comes with a cute little note from the founder, as well as a helpful information card that describes each Kit Kat flavor.

Cranberry and Almond 

This is one of two “luxury edition” Kit Kats found in this box.  That means it comes in one large bar (rather than two breakable halves), and is made with premium ingredients.  This one is a rich dark chocolate with chunks of almonds and sweet cranberries.  It definitely feels more luxe than a regular milk chocolate Kit Kat!

Matcha Double Berry and Almond

The second “luxury edition” Kit Kat, this one has a sweet green tea flavor that goes well with the tartness from the berries.  Judging by the package, the “double berry” is cranberry and raspberry, evenly dispersed with crunchy almond pieces.  I’ve never had matcha with berry, but I’m a fan of the combination!

Dark Chocolate

Next up is this dark chocolate version from the brand’s “Adult Edition” line.  These flavors are more “grownup” than the traditional kind, and appeals to a more mature palate (i.e. less sugary sweetness but richer flavor).  The dark chocolate flavor is smooth and deep, and contains bits of dark chocolate cookie as well.


Ah, the classic green tea flavor.  It’s like the gateway Kit Kat into exploring more flavors.  This pairs the freshness of matcha with the sweetness of smooth white chocolate.  I actually thought it was one of the sweeter flavors in this box.

Dark Matcha

This is another blend of matcha and white chocolate like the one before, but somehow different.  I’m not sure what exactly makes this “dark” – perhaps a different type of leaf? – but it’s a little earthier and less sweet than the regular matcha flavor.  This definitely belongs in the Adult Edition, since it feels very grownup and sophisticated!


The last of the Adult Edition Kit Kats, this is a lovely strawberry taste.  It’s creamy from the white chocolate, but tart from the bits of actual strawberry throughout.  It reminds me of a rich strawberry ice cream, and I love the pink color!


The final set of Kit Kats is the Limited Edition variety.  These hojicha Kit Kats are only available in Kansai region and uses real hojicha, a type of roasted green tea.  It gives it a very grassy herbal flavor, which I typically don’t like, but the sweetness from the white chocolate tones down the earthiness.

Amaou Strawberry

The second of the Limited Edition Kit Kats, this is a specific variety of strawberry that is highly valued in Japan.  The Kit Kat is very fragrant – the moment you open the wrapper, the strawberry smell hits you.  It’s sweet and perfumey, and less tart than the previous strawberry flavor.

Purple Yam

What a unique Kit Kat!  This is popular mainly in the autumn months.  That purple color is gorgeous, and the yam flavor is sweet and creamy and just a little bit nutty.  I’m actually not the biggest fan of purple yams, but this Kit Kat is amazing.

White Peach Tea by Karel Capek

How adorable is the design on the front of this tea packet??  So sweet.  This is a ceylon tea that has white peach flavor.  It smells absolutely wonderful when brewed – the sweet peach scent really comes through.  It’s sweeter than the teas Bokksu has sent out previously, but not as sweet as the fruit teas you find in the US.  Bokksu recommends using it for milk tea, so I’ll have to try that next!

Mini Heart Senbei Black Pepper

As an extra this month, Bokksu included a packet of senbei hearts for their Classic level subscribers.  These rice crackers are salty with a kick of peppery spice, and the heart shape is perfectly on point for February!  Such a cute bonus!


Overall, I’m glad Bokksu brought back their Kit Kat theme for the month of February.  I’m glad to try new Kit Kat flavors – they’re always so creative!  The purple yam version really blew me away this month, but I also really liked the matcha double berry flavor.  Can’t wait to see what Bokksu comes up with next!


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