Barkbox – February 2018 Review

Barkbox is a monthly subscription for your favorite four-legged canine(s)! Prices start at 12 months for $20/box, 6 months for $24/box, and 1 month for $29/box. Shipping is always free. SPOILER ALERT: It’s totally worth it!

**Disclaimer** I purchased this box on my own. I received no compensation for my honest review.

First off, I’d like to introduce everyone to my dogs (AKA professional toy testers and destroyers). I think providing their background information will help you in understanding my reviews and what type of box may be best for your own pup.

Introducing Luna & Howie.

Luna (female): 4 years old, 15 lbs, shih tzu mix. Well-known in the dog community for her prominent under bite and spunky personality.

Howie (male): 1 year old, 50 lbs, pure mutt. Well- known in the dog community for destroying mom’s books, Yoda ears, and kisses.

This pair makes the best subscription box reviewers. Howie enjoys actually playing with toys while Luna is racing the clock to see how fast she can destroy something. Should be fun, huh?

Because I have both a large dog and a small dog, I settled on a medium sized dog box. Barkbox allows you to specify based on your dogs size and weight. They are also great at accommodating dog preferences and allergies. My dogs need to avoid chicken, so I was able to specify that.

Opening our first ever barkbox and we are SO excited. This one included multiple hand outs and some pretty boss dog themed gift wrap.

The handouts included: a theme for the box (NYC themed this month), an explanation of the content of each box, a membership card, and a slip designating extra toy club. I signed up for the extra toy club (an extra $9/month) just because I have two pups, but that is optional!

Below is a close-up for the NYC Theme Print out. HOW CUTE!

Now on to the good stuff… the box!

Howie couldn’t resist scoping things out…

Meet Chester’s Pigeon. This toy WAS adorable. I say ‘was’ in past tense because poor Chester did not last very long in this house. He is 100% plushy and squeaky. So plushy, in fact, that I have already upgraded to the heavy chewer box for next month! His fluff could be found scattered across my living room rug…

Next up, Hugo’s Liberty Ball. Per the lovely folks at barkbox, this toy is part of the heavy chewer box. It is made from tougher materials and includes a thicker plastic ball on the inside. This toy was a hit. It almost destroyed the brotherly-sisterly bond between Howie and Luna as they were CONSTANTLY fighting over it. I was incredibly thankful that this toy lasted longer than an hour in my house. In fact, a few weeks later, she is still going strong.

See, Miss Luna looking classy with Lady Liberty. (Mental Note: my girl needs a haircut)

The last toy was Pimm’s Newspaper. This toy had a million squeakers and actual dog related newspaper articles… I got a good laugh from a few. I love just how creative and thoughtful barkbox is with all their products. This toy the dogs didn’t go crazy over but I was okay with not having to pick up more fluff from my living room carpet (Chester’s Pigeon left enough work for me).

And a cute photo with Howie, again, eager to see what his mom is up to.

There was one butcher block bone. It is a 6” Krunchie Tube bone that is 100% natural. Natural products always make me happy as I know my dog isn’t ingesting something questionable. I didn’t want the dogs to fight over this one so we did not try it out (yet). Only having one bone is a nightmare in a two dog household.

The box included two treat bags. Both sticking to the New York City theme. One bag was inspired by NYC Pizza, the Central Pork Pizza treats. Again, my pups have chicken allergies, so I appreciated the options of being able to select food allergies for the box. These pizza treats are soft and chewy. My dogs didn’t seem to hate them but they’d eat anything, honestly.

The next set of treats were NYC Bagel inspired. These were also soft and chewy.

All in all, myself and my dogs were very pleased by this purchase. I tend to spend so much money spoiling my pups every week, I’d much prefer the $20/month for high quality treats and toys. I am also pleasantly surprised by barkbox’s flexibility and customer service. I did not have any issues reaching out to the folks at barkbox to change my box to the ‘heavy chewer’ box for the upcoming next months. They were quick to respond and their dog puns make me happy.

10/10, I’d recommend!



When Kayleigh not working her full time job, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs, Luna and Howie (they'll frequent some of these dog box reviews). She also loves reading, writing, traveling, and drinking tea. Please reach out to me at

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