Lizzy Kate Tea of the Month- February 2018 Box Review

Lizzy Kate Tea of the Month Club starts at $20/month plus $4.95 for shipping and handling. Free US shipping on orders of $50 or more. This box can be purchased for one month at a time on a single or reoccurring basis.

Use code: TEACLUB50 for 50% off your first month as a new subscriber. (What a steal, guys).


Lizzy Kate Tea of the Month Club is the loose leaf tea subscription box we’ve all been waiting for! It comes in two monthly options: specialty teas (or as my punny self says, specialTEAS) or caffeine-lite selections. For the month of February, I sampled the specialty box. This month paired two of my favorite things for Valentine’s Day: TEA AND CHOCOLATE.

The box itself was really cute! It was wrapped up with gift tissue paper and included two print outs, two pieces of dove chocolate, and three 1-oz specialty teas. The first print out included a list of flavors, background instructions, and information designated for each flavor. The business card includes the promo code for your first subscription box order (listed above).

On the other side of the large print out was a description explaining how to pair your tea with chocolate and why the pairings work so well. The folks at Lizzy Kate really did their research. They vividly explain the perks of different types of chocolate. This had me think twice to what I once considered an unlikely pairing. Next time, I know to try some of these out with a bit of white chocolate. Per the description… white chocolate pairs great with any tea.

Before I get into the flavor breakdowns, I should probably give you this disclaimer: I drink every and all teas. I do not discriminate and/or have a specific favorite type. I am no expert so all of these opinions are my personal thoughts as a novice tea drinker! Additionally, I didn’t always follow the package instructions… this could lead to some skewed personal scores. My office at work (where I awesomely sampled all of these) has one ‘HOT’ setting… it’s a pretty perfect temp for green teas but not necessarily everything.

Flavor 1: Chocolate Picante: Pu’erh tea (a black tea produced in China) with cinnamon, chili flakes, and chocolate.

My thoughts: WOW. SERIOUSLY THIS IS SO GOOD. This smells amazing and tastes even better. I’m not a chili fan but the flavor is so subtle that it doesn’t overwhelm the taste. This one ended up being my absolute favorite flavor of the bunch which is why it is rocking the personal high score below.

Personal ranking (regarding taste): 5/5


Flavor 2: Maple Walnut Sencha: sencha green tea, sweet maple brittle and walnuts

My thoughts: You can definitely taste the walnut in this. I don’t think I’ve ever had any nut specific teas but this one was pretty refreshing. After a while of drinking it, the nut flavor became a bit overwhelming. For that reason, I gave this a mid-level score.

Personal Ranking (regarding taste): 3/5

Flavor 3: Chocolate Orange Rooibos: a rooibos blend with fruity orange and chocolate notes.

My thoughts: The orange flavor dominates with this tea. I did not try this one with my dove chocolates and I wish I had! It’s definitely a win for orange lovers. Because I don’t love overwhelmingly orange teas, this one also received a mid-level score.

Personal ranking (regarding taste): 3/5

Overall, I found my first ever LizzyKate box to be a lot of fun. There is something exciting about trying a new flavor the first time. For someone who drinks a lot of tea, this saved me a trip to my local shop and hours of endlessly smelling everything. LITERALLY, I have to smell every flavor so that takes a ton of time. However, I personally feel $20 a box is a lot for a total of 3 oz of loose-leaf tea. On the Lizzy Kate website you can shop their tea selection for as low as $7 per 2 oz bag. You may get more bang for your buck by doing that. I know I will!

*orange teapot not included in box (stolen from my husband for a glorious photo op)

Again, this subscription box itself is a great way to try new teas. it’s also a really thoughtful and cute gift idea for a friend or family member.

*mug not included in this box.

I purchased this product. All opinions are my own. No compensation was received for this review.




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