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YumeTwins is a kawaii goods box shipped worldwide from Tokyo! Each box includes 6 to 8 cute licensed items from popular Japanese brands. They include a variety of things, like plushies, stationary, and squishies. They focus on curating a selection of unique and quality goods around a monthly theme.

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There is both a physical booklet and a digital zine. Both include information on the items, contests, community photos, the Yume Prize, and cultural topics.

For March 2018, the theme is “Shiba and Friends.” They were inspired by dogs enjoying a springtime walk. It’s also nice since 2018 is the year of the dog! Shiba dogs are adorable and native to Japan. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say they’re the favorite dog breed here.  This month’s booklet has a cute Shiba and sakura design.

Mochi Shiba Plushie

Mochi Shiba is a line of Shiba characters who love to go to rice shops! They’re very round, squishy, and totally adorable. Shibas are so cute! The plushie is of their main character, Okaka, who loves to eat goodies made from rice. The plushie is very well made, and I love how cheery it looks!

Kawaii Animal Duster

These foldable dusters come in three different animal designs. I got a green frog design. It’s a good tool for some much-needed spring cleaning!

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Mochi Shiba Bath Bomb

Another Mochi Shiba item, this bath bomb is mikan (tangerine) scented. It also comes with a little Shiba figurine inside! I haven’t used mine yet, but I’m excited to see what dog I get! Plus, I love the smell of mikan.

Paw Beanies Squishie

There are eight different designs for this cat paw squishie. I got a cute little yellow cat paw! Who doesn’t love the little bean toes on a cat? It’s small enough to put on a bag or keychain, which is nice.

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Mochi Shiba Memo Pad

The last Mochi Shiba item is a 100-sheet memo pad! I love kawaii memo pads, and I’m always happy to get another. This one has four different designs and is on the larger side. It’s super adorable, and I especially love the cherry blossom design! All of the dogs are so round and happy.

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Sumikko Gurashi Omamori

The final item is a Sumikko Gurashi lucky charm (omamori). You might see these lucky charms being sold at temples and shrines. There’s a special etiquette to omamori.  Typically, you’re not supposed to open the little bag, or you’ll lose your good luck! However, this charm is different. You’re supposed to open the bag and write a wish on the included paper. There are 12 different Sumikko Gurashi designs, and they’re all very cute. I got the Tonkatsu and Penguin design!

Overall, this month’s YumeTwins box was great! I liked the Shiba theme and the variety of items. Having everyday items that are also cute is part of what I love about kawaii culture, and also something that I find unique to Japan. My favorites were the Mochi Shiba items, particularly the bath bomb and memo pad.

If you’d like to subscribe, you can do so here. It’s $35 per month with free international shipping. Keep an eye on the YumeTwins website and social media for teasers about the next box!


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Sara loves all things cats, snacks, and video games. She lives in Yokohama, Japan with her husband. Sara has her B.S in Women and Gender Studies and currently teaches English. Japanese snack and kawaii boxes are her favorite, along with anything nerdy, cute, and/or edible.

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