TokyoTreat – February 2018 Review


$25 – $35 per month

Free worldwide shipping from Tokyo

TokyoTreat is a monthly Japanese snack subscription box shipped straight from Tokyo. They recently revamped their subscription service, and they now offer two sizes. There’s the Classic for $22.50-$25 and the Premium for $31.50-$35. The cheaper prices are for prepaid plans. TokyoTreat aims to bring fun, seasonal snacks curated with the goal to share their love of Japanese treats.

The boxes now contain new items and increased variety. The Classic box includes 12 full sized items: 4 popular Japanese snacks, 4 sharable packs, 2 dagashi, 1 DIY kit, and 1 kinosei snack. The Premium box includes 17 full sized items: 5 popular snacks, 1 party pack, 4 sharable packs, 3 dagashi, 1 Anime snack, 1 DIY kit, 1 kinosei snack, and 1 Japanese drink.

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They’ve also switched back to including a paper booklet, in addition to the online zine. The booklet has info on the snacks, contests, any DIY kits, and Japanese culture. It’s a little touch, but I think the cultural info adds something special.

The theme for February 2018 is “For Your Sweetheart.” There’s so much Valentine’s Day themed candy in Japan right now, so it’s a great theme for a snack box. The box arrived packed completely full, and it was nice to see the zine again right on top.

I’m reviewing the Premium box, and items marked with an asterisk* are only in the Premium.


Strawberry Shortcake Pepsi*

This drink has been talked about a lot on social media, so I think it’s fun that they chose it for this month’s box! Strawberry shortcake (white cake, whipped cream, and strawberries) is super popular for Christmas in Japan. So Pepsi made this limited edition drink that’s supposed to taste like the cake. To me, it tastes more like slightly fruity cream soda. To be honest, it wasn’t my favorite. But, it’s really fun to try, and I still think it’s a good choice for this box!

Ultimate Muscle Chocolate Wafer*

I don’t know anything about the Ultimate Muscle anime, but this chocolate filled wafer was pretty good!

Cola Flavored Sour Long Gum*

One of this month’s dagashi (penny candy) is this sour cola gum. I don’t really chew gum that isn’t sugar-free, so I didn’t chew this for very long. The cola flavor is strong, which is nice.

Strawberry Barley Puffs*

This snack is puffed barley with a strawberry flavored coating. The barley puffs are crunchy, and the coating is very sweet and milky.

Maroyaka Milk Chocolate Strawberry Party Pack*

I was pleasantly surprised by this snack! It’s milk chocolate and strawberry chocolates in a big party pack. There’s plenty to share! I usually don’t care for the milky sweetness of strawberry chocolates in Japan, but these were great! The strawberry part has a little bit of tartness, which balances the flavor.

Umaibo – Shrimp Mayonaise

Another dagashi, this puffed corn snack is flavored with the popular combo of shrimp and mayo.

Ice Cream Lolly

This sucker is shaped like an ice cream cone, with a scoop of strawberry and vanilla. I actually really liked the flavor of the vanilla portion.

Pretty Cure DIY Shake Milkshake

For this DIY, look to the instructions in the booklet! You basically add milk, an ice cube, and the included powder to make a milkshake. The design is very cute on the cup, and I like that this is a new kind of DIY kit that I haven’t seen before.

Rose x Berry Glamatic Tablets

These breath mints are this month’s kinosei (beneficial) snack. They are supposed to help you make a great first impression. They’re rose and berry flavored. Even though I typically don’t like floral flavors, I actually didn’t mind the rose taste.

Koikeya Sour Plum Chips

These chips are my favorite! I was so excited to see them in this month’s box. They’re sour plum (ume) flavored, which is a very Japanese flavor. They have this great strong salty-sour-savory combination that’s addicting. At first it may seem strange, but I think even people new to sour plum might get hooked!

Ginza Rusk – Strawberry

Rusks are a snack that I discovered and fell in love with here in Japan! It’s like crunchy bread with sweet or savory flavoring. These rusks are strawberry flavored with a thick strawberry coating. They were too sweet for me, but a fun addition to the Valentine’s theme regardless.

Cola Gummies Share Pack

This month’s share pack includes 5 pouches of sour cola gummies. They aren’t too sour, but still have a pleasing punch.

Lotte Pie No Mi Sweet Strawberry Chocolate

The final treat are these flakey pie snacks. The outside of the pie is a crunchy chocolate pastry with a strawberry chocolate filling. You can even bake them! These were very addicting—the contrast of textures and flavors made a balanced treat. It’s not too sweet, but it still feels indulgent.

Overall, February’s box was packed full of sweet treats for a sweet holiday. My favorites were the Koikeya Sour Plum Chips, Lotte Pie No Mi Sweet Strawberry Chocolates, and Maroyaka Milk Chocolate Strawberry Party Pack. The Pepsi was a fun addition too, especially since it’s seasonal.

8 of the 13 items were strawberry flavored, which is a lot. Since I’m not in love with Japan’s strawberry flavored goodies, I would have appreciated more variety. Maybe another savory snack? But, that’s a personal preference. I can see lots of people enjoying the strong strawberry/Valentine’s theme!

In general, TokyoTreat always deliveries on great curation, quality, and design. I was very pleased with this month’s box.

If you want to get your own Classic or Premium box, you can do so here. Prices range from $25 – $25 per month, shipped from Tokyo through Japan Post. Shipping is free worldwide.


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